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12:53 PM | 07-05-2021

Pls suggest a natural solution for gas problem.

12:54 PM | 07-05-2021

How to get rid of cough and cold for ever? Please help

12:56 PM | 07-05-2021

My haemoglobin 10. 5. I feel drowsy all the time. Please provide me the diet chart and also tell me is my drowsiness can happen because of low hemoglobin?

01:33 PM | 04-05-2021

I just suffer from negative and unwanted thoughts? I recently started yoga and Pranayama. Can it be helpful. Because I don't want to have anti anxiety medicines??

12:49 PM | 07-05-2021

Hello, I'm aligned with nature cure but with the current covid situation, the peer pressure of taking the vaccine is very high. How do you as a Nature Cure practitioner maneuver this with friends, family, colleagues?

12:22 PM | 25-06-2020

Hi, I am suffering from serious dry eyes problem, by nature I am a software employee. Even when I am not using laptop my eyes are burning,, problem is such severe that I wake up in the morning with burning eyes. I have been to many allopathy doctors , all of them gave eyes drops which never cured my problem. Let me know if you have any treatment for the same.

04:19 PM | 30-04-2021

I am 26 years old. I see red spots on my body (hives). I consulted 2-3 Dr they told it's due to allergy or some eating habit which doesn't suits my body. The patches become red and its type of rash due to which I get itching or hives. Is there any natural way to cure itching and infection? Please help

01:39 PM | 04-05-2021

How to stop running nose and dry throat?

12:43 PM | 23-04-2021

Having 6 mm gall stone, kidney infection and also pcod. Plz suggest any natural way.... Naturopathy Or yoga?

10:28 AM | 10-08-2019

I'm suffering from stammering and I seriously don't know how to overcome it, because tried everything, but nothing seems to work and been suffering from depression and many negative things and lost many beautiful opportunities because of this. And because of my stammering I feel very nervous and lack of confidence. So please anyone help me with proper guidance here. Like what and how to cure this stammering.

03:48 PM | 01-04-2021

I underwent D&C on Monday due to empty gestational sac. Now feeling very week, not even able to walk properly. Please suggest me good diet and tips. What should I eat and what should I avoid? Please help.

11:05 PM | 16-04-2021

I always have stress thinking I will faint. I always keep focusing in my head.. Feel dizzy all day.. Please advice to stop focusing.

04:18 PM | 30-04-2021

Hi! Is there a treatment for diabetics in Wellcure?

11:27 AM | 12-04-2021

How to remove ama dosha and reduce weight for kapha dosha body type?

01:26 PM | 16-03-2021

How to get cure from ulcerative colitis?

10:56 AM | 12-04-2021

Biochemical treatment of chronic hyperactivity?

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