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11:29 AM | 07-12-2021

What is the natural cure for Lipoma?

09:31 PM | 29-06-2020

I have itchy and dry eyes after I did sun gazing for few days. Now it has become red after itching too much. How to get rid of this?

12:43 PM | 11-01-2022

I feel that my stomach is always bloated. I also feel vaginal infection. Can you help me?

11:59 AM | 09-12-2021

Can you share some remedies for Gall bladder stone (9mm)?

06:54 PM | 10-01-2022

My eye power is -2. 0, how can I reduce to zero? I don't like to wear glasses, is wearing glasses compulsory?

03:39 PM | 03-01-2022

Hi, I have developed fissures. I have a family history of it. Though I'm new to it, it's mild. I get it once in a month, it's painless & then heals automatically. Should I consult doc? I notice it aggregates during my periods only & then heals. Though it has improved because I have changed my diet. Please pour in your suggestions.

03:48 PM | 06-01-2022

I am diabetic, can you share some natural ways to get rid of it?

03:35 PM | 03-01-2022

Hello, How to cure obstructive sleep apnea naturally? Please advise!

03:38 PM | 03-01-2022

40 years old has Subclinical hypothyroid. TSH is 10. 7 and t4, t3 are normal. Is it ignorable or can be cured by any way?

02:16 PM | 23-12-2021

Hello, I have skin rosacea and burning in body. I am 49 year old.. Please tell what to do?

04:40 PM | 13-12-2021

Hi, my husband has a stomach burning sensation issue. He consumes very less spices & even eats plain curd rice & he feels that food is digested quickly but still he feels his stomach itching & burning. He usually avoids all kinds of oily deep-fried food with heavy spices. Even without spices, he feels a burning sensation in his stomach. He can’t eat outside food. Please, let us know what is the reason behind his burning sensation in his stomach & what can be done for the same?

04:52 PM | 09-12-2021

Hi, right ovary ms 32 x 31 mm & shows evidence of a cyst ms 22 x 23mm. To septation Endomtrial thickness: 5. 8 mm endometrial echoes are normal. Cavity is empty. Endometrial thickness 5. 8mm Diffuse fatty liver grade 2 Is that curable naturally or any treatment

03:18 PM | 01-12-2021

Hello, I am asking this question on behalf of my father. My father is 67 years old, He doesn’t have any complain like BP, diabetes. But since 4 months he is getting white patches on his tongue on the edge and he is taking allopathy medicine but these patches keep coming again. Along with this, he experiences kind of pain below his chest and at naval area due to acidity. Also since 2-3 months he developed constipation too. I want to help my father and need your guidance on the same.

06:42 PM | 30-10-2021

I am 49 years old and have lot of mood swings? How to resolve this issue?

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