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11:05 AM | 12-02-2021

Hi, I am 36 years old, having too much of itching problem in between thighs and on butt... It's increasing day by day. My color is white only but where I have a itching problem there skin color got too much black. Now I'm using candid cream and ointment even though it could not reduce. Plz suggest me what to do?

11:53 AM | 08-02-2021

I'm 40 year old i have diabetes since the age of 25 years I m on tablets and insulin i want to live healthy life, since last one year my sugar levels are not good some very high some very low i have lot of restrictions on food but I love eating pl help me out.

10:34 AM | 18-02-2021

I have swelling pancreas and whatever I am eating I am getting vomiting again and again and also stomach pain and back pain. Please tell me remedy for this and how I can heal my pancreas and what should I eat. Please help

11:08 AM | 12-02-2021

My FSH and LH are high. How can I bring to normal level?

10:51 AM | 08-02-2021

My kid is 8 years old. From the age of 4 he is suffering from wheezing, cold, cough and later Alopecia. Pls let me know how do I help my kid from this suffering. He has got 4-5 patches on the head.

12:19 PM | 15-02-2021

What is the difference between personalized natural healing one month program and personalized one month detox program. I have sneezing often from many years, mild pcos and mild thyroid recently which program is best

03:10 PM | 10-02-2021

I am 35 years, recently diagnosed Ischemic Dementia. Few parts in my brain white matter has dried due to less supply of blood. How to cure brain dimnetia?

11:06 AM | 12-02-2021

I am 37 year, suffering from loose motion and watery stool and weak intestine. Pls guide!

09:54 AM | 07-07-2020

Please suggest natural remedies for psoriasis.

11:09 AM | 12-02-2021

Hi. How to cure endometriosis, cysts in ovaries and how to cure fatty liver. Plz suggest some remedies

11:32 AM | 09-02-2021

Is spirulina good for health?

11:49 AM | 27-01-2021

I have been suffering from GERD from last 9 years. With vomits I feel pain on right side of chest and at same place in back also. Have been on medication also but it didn't help much. On doctors recommendation is stopped gluten and milk also but initially I felt relief but again getting trouble frequently. I am 40 yrs old female.

11:04 AM | 09-02-2021

Hi! My self Amandeep Kaur, my age is 33, mere nails me se dard hota hai boht teekhi si pain hoti hai kyi bar.. Kbi kisi nail me se to kabhi kisi. Na to koi chot hai na hi kuchh aur. Plz help me to find out yeh kyu ho ra?

10:53 AM | 09-02-2021

My name is Venkat. I am suffering from gastritis, IBS, gut issues and obesity problem. Please suggest me diet. I am 37 years old, my weight is 82 kg and height is 5. 5.

11:02 AM | 09-02-2021

What is the repercussion if prostate gland is removed?

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