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How to manage Increased Blood sugar

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08:43 PM | 02-05-2024

Namaste Ian,
Thank you for sharing your concern with us. Diabetes mellitus, one of the most common health issues affecting Indians, may look like something to fear. But in truth, just like any other health issue, it is something that you can manage and overcome by following a healthy and natural lifestyle.

As per nature cure, the reasons or causes for diabetes are the wrong lifestyle, wrong food choices, physical inactivity, improper elimination, etc. In short, when toxins get accumulate in your body, you start having health issues. You can follow these tips to manage sugar levels naturally.
1. All packaged, processed and complicated foods are a must-avoid.
2. Get physically active. Walk at least 5 km a day. But start slowly. Join a yoga class and do some stretching and exercising daily.
3. Eat Raw Vegetable salad 20 minutes before the main meal. fiber prevents the sugar spikes after food.

If you need more guidance and handholding you can explore and join our Reverse Diabetes Naturally Coaching program with our doctor-nutritionist Tem, where they will comprehensively look into your routine and give you a customised diet & lifestyle action plan and focus on reducing/eliminating medicines.

For queries, you can contact our teammates: 9238611952 (Sanjana), 9411817885 (Neha)

Wishing you good health

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