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02:58 PM | 03-11-2021

My sister's age is 17, she has issues of TB spine. I don't want to go for allopathic treatment to cure this, What can I do to resolve this naturally?

11:35 AM | 12-10-2021

Good evening,I am 38 years old, from few days I am having burning in esophagus and not feeling hungry, pls guide!

11:32 AM | 19-10-2021

Hi, I m a 76 years old Sr. Citizen. I want to undertake fasting of required duration under the guidance of an expert to cure my chronic problems/disease relating to my execratory system or say, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Can your center help me in this regard?

05:43 PM | 18-10-2021

Hi! How can I control my high BP naturall? Secondly how can I control my anxiety?

12:34 PM | 25-10-2021

Hi guys, I am suffering with GERD / acid reflux and vitamin D and B12 deficiency. Can any one suggest diet plans for curing of my problems

03:56 PM | 11-11-2021

Hi my wife is 35 years old is having acidity and gastritis. Whenever she eats spicy food she feels burning sensation in her upper stomach. Allopathy doctor prescribed her some anastetic antacid syrups , how to treat this holistically and naturally with foods?

05:39 PM | 18-10-2021

How can I cure neck pain?

05:37 PM | 18-10-2021

Hi i am 54 years and my weight is 73. I am trying to reduce but it is not possible. Kindly guide me to reduce weight.

06:46 PM | 30-10-2021

I am 29 years old male. I had panic attacks for 6 months and was under psychiatric medication. Now I am only on propranolol beta blocker 10mg. I experience bloating/acidity everyday which triggers my heart rate and inturn increase health anxiety and i get relief only after gas goes completely. Please suggest diet considering I have kidneystone/sinusitis. Some days I also get insomnia due to bloating on upper abdomen. Heart pounding is the main symptom which increases my anxiety. Please Help.

11:15 AM | 05-11-2021

As winters are also approaching, Can you share home remedies for sinusitis?

05:05 PM | 08-11-2021

Can you suggest usage of Anu tailam for E. N. T and sinus problems. Also, can it be used on a regular basis?

09:01 PM | 17-09-2021

Age 45 Male, HbA1c is 8 please suggest natural remedy.

05:35 PM | 18-10-2021

Hello! I'm 52 year old male. HPV related squamous cell in throat. Diagnosed a year ago, and tried holistic. (Cannabis oil, turmeric, moranga, other vitamins and supplements) Would rather stay away from conventional treatments.... Looking for help.

05:41 PM | 18-10-2021

Goodevening. My husband is 40yrs old. We all had covid in April this year. Still having headaches, anxiety and fatigue. Are these post covid symptoms? Had many aloepathy and homeopathy but in vain. Plz help.

05:38 PM | 18-10-2021

Hi, I'm 35 yrs old n have pain in neck & back, facing hairloss. Pls help!

02:58 PM | 26-10-2021

I am 30 years old & post 3 years my delivery, I am suffering from gastric problem and back bone pain problem. When gastric reflux starts, I face breathing and skin rash related problems. Is there any way to treat this issue?

12:36 PM | 25-10-2021

I'm 49 yrs old lady having weight 60 kg but no fat. Pre-diabitic and sinus problem. Doing daily yoga and neti. How can I reverse diabetes and gain some fat..

05:42 PM | 18-10-2021

My son aged 10 years is diagnosed with type1 diabetes wef June 5th 2021. Now he is on Insulin. Can he be cured with naturopathy permanently?

05:36 PM | 18-10-2021

How to lose weight naturally?

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