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04:22 PM | 30-04-2021

I have problem in opening and closing of my mouth and have several neck spasms from last 3 years which is resulting in severe dizziness and vertigo. Is this caused by tetanus?

04:17 PM | 26-04-2021

Pls suggest solution for constipation.

04:23 PM | 26-04-2021

Hello. I am 25 I live in Mumbai as the climate is very hot and humid I feel thirsty & if I even drink one glass of cold water my neck starts itching and cold & cough start accumulating. I can't have ice creams or anything cold. What should I do?

04:20 PM | 30-04-2021

(25yrs F) facing irregular periods. Last periods in Nov 2020,before that regular,missed period(3months), consulted gynaecologist on January ,suggested USG,after checking reports gave medicines for a week/month( thick endometrium) after a week (January) I had my period with heavy bleeding.. Then till march it was regular... Again I missed my period this month... Acne problem on face... What should I do now... What is the cause for this... Pls suggest and help me out.. Thank you!

11:30 AM | 31-12-2018

I am facing dry eczema. Red patches are all over my legs. I am so stressed out can't even sleep at nights because of itching. Please help

04:26 PM | 26-04-2021

I've a friend. She has lower back pain which extends to her quads. The pain is in the centre of the lower back and extends to left quad. Please tell us how to cure it naturally and how much time will it take?

12:44 PM | 23-04-2021

Hi I'm 22 and I have hemorrhoids. What are the ways to prevent it? Kindly guide me

02:52 PM | 06-04-2021

Hi i have hypothyroidism, I take pill 125 mg and my thyroid is normal. I have infertility problem, my 2 Ivfs failed. I m very tried. Pls suggest.

03:43 PM | 21-04-2021

How to keep healthy men's penis and sperm?

12:42 PM | 23-04-2021

Hi guys, I am suffering from dandruff and hairfall from 1 year. Please suggest.

11:28 AM | 12-04-2021

Kids talk while sleeping. Pls suggest how to deal with it?

03:49 PM | 07-04-2021

Creatinine level is 2. 1. How to bring it normal?

10:23 AM | 05-04-2021

I am 59 years old I suffering from sleepleness for 15 years, no proper sleep. Pls advise

01:39 PM | 19-04-2021

My eyes gets medium red after I wake up in morning, after that it becomes normal but seems infected, eye drop nefcoz is also not effective, what to do, it's since 7 days, I remain on screen for 7-8 hours daily, plz suggest me remedy.

11:05 PM | 16-04-2021

Sir I am 56 years old. I am having cold which includes pain under my ears, running nose,sneezing and phlegm coming from mouth regularly. What is the solution?

10:25 AM | 05-04-2021

Hello. I think I am having an anxiety disorder. Whenever I get angry or stressed or frightened my body starts trembling and then after few mins it be normal. It only happens whenever I be frightened or frustrated or stressed. N I have a habbit of overthinking and about my future also. What should I do to overcome it? Pls help, any natural cure?

12:45 PM | 23-04-2021

I have breakouts on my face every now and then and that keeps me so demotivating that i have stopped looking myself into the mirror. Whta to do to have clear skin?

02:49 PM | 06-04-2021

Suffering from auto immune disorder Multiple Screlosis which doent have cure in allopathic. Please let me know if naturopathy has cure for this. I am not able to walk because of MS.

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