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Little millet rice 200 g Foxtail millet rice 200 g Barnyard Flour 200 g Sprouted Jowar flour 200 g

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Discover the Millets Starter Package, a wholesome selection of staples made from millet that are a wonderful complement to your regular diet. This bundle contains premium ingredients, including Little Millet Rice, Foxtail Millet Rice, Barnyard Flour, and Sprouted Jowar Flour. These ingredients are ideal for preparing nutritious meals that the entire family will love.

More than merely a gastronomic improvement, the Millets Starter Package represents a move in the direction of a healthy way of life. These millets are:
- Gluten-free, high in fibre, and nutrient-rich since they are stocked with vital nutrients.
- They can help you manage your weight, strengthen your heart, and control your blood sugar.
- Also, enhance your general well-being when you include them in your diet.

To keep the Millets Starter Package fresh:
- Store these millet components away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area to preserve the quality and freshness of the Millets Starter Package.
- To protect them from moisture and bugs, place them in airtight containers.
- For the best results, follow the suggested cooking directions because each millet type has different cooking requirements.
- Discover the culinary options and the health advantages of these amazing millet grains.

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