Proso Millet Rice

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A Protein rich millet. Extremely well suited to replace white rice and can be boiled in the same way. Cooks creamy and is bigger than the other millets.

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  • Shelf Life: 24 Months
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Say hello to our Proso Millet Rice, a high-protein substitute for conventional white rice. For individuals seeking a healthy and nourishing dietary transition, this extraordinary grain is a game-changer. It cooks well and has a creamy texture, making it an ideal replacement for white rice. It is noticeably bigger than other millets. Proso Millet Rice guarantees a delicious and healthy dining experience whether you're cooking your favourite biryani pilaf or just enjoying a substantial bowl of rice.

There are a tonne of health advantages to Proso Millet Rice:
- It assists in improved digestion, maintains stable blood sugar levels, and improves general well-being.
- It is packed with vital nutrients, including protein, fibre, and a variety of vitamins and minerals.
- This rice variety is a great option for managing weight and managing diabetes since it has a low glycemic index.
- Furthermore, for individuals aiming to build muscular strength and maintain an active lifestyle, its high protein content is ideal.

To keep Proso Millet Rice at its best:
- Store in a cool and dry place and Keep it away from direct sunlight.
- Ensure that the package is sealed completely after every use to maintain quality.
- To ensure the optimum flavour and nutritional value, always abide by the best-before date.
- Keep it in an airtight container to extend shelf life.
- Always measure it out with a clean and dry utensil, preventing contamination.
- Proso Millet Rice may be cooked easily, just like white rice. Just make the rice according to your preferred recipe, and savour the healthful deliciousness it brings to the table.

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