My Tryst with a Cyst: How Patience, Faith, and Nature's Wonders Healed Me



12:05 PM | 04-11-2023

Mayavi Khandelwal

61 years, Entrepreneur


I had a sebaceous cyst near my clavicle bone at the center bottom of my neck for a very long time – maybe even as far back as 18 years. It didn’t bother me much and even the doctors whom I consulted had said it was harmless and could be left alone.

I had been on a plant based lifestyle since 2013 and from Sep 2022 had embarked on a fruitarian journey.

Around the second week of August 2023, the cyst started getting bigger.  I couldn't understand why this was happening in spite of being on such a clean diet. I was wondering if the cyst had suddenly become infected for some reason.

I enquired about this with Dr Prashanthi Atluri( a cardiologist by training and a nature cure practitioner by passion) as I was in confusion about my course of action. She advised me to just leave it alone as that was the place the body was choosing to sweep out and accumulate toxins in order to clear them out. She suggested starting a short water-only fast to conserve energy, do some sunning, take rest and allow the body to complete its cleaning job.

I did a few short water fasts whenever I could and in a few days, I noticed a puss head was forming. The cyst looked bigger, redder and angrier but there was no pain.

Everyone who saw it gasped in shock and urged me to get it removed surgically. What if it was an infection, a tumor or even cancerous! A doctor friend suggested scooping it out and use antibiotics.

I was starting to get a bit worried but I was also very sure that I would not take any medicine! After all, I hadn’t taken any medicines for 10 years.

Waiting it out with patience and faith

By the beginning of September 2023, the cyst was at its peak and quite big in size. Dr. Prashanthi advised me to do longer water fasts, lymph massage and continue the mode of natural healing.

My friend and holistic plant based doctor, Dr. Rashmi Menon suggested warm water fomentation to manage the pain.

During these weeks, there were many moments when I doubted my decision and I had to sit and encourage myself  and reassure myself that my body is very beautifully designed to work perfectly. This made me ready to face everyone who thought I was crazy to water fast to heal such a deadly looking bump right in the middle of my neck!

On third day of the fast, while in the shower, the head of the cyst burst open on its own and a lot of puss and blood just flew across the wash basin. I gently kept wiping and cleaning it with a wet cloth as more fluid kept coming out.

I had an incredible feeling of relief akin to how I would feel on getting my periods after a month's delay. My body was detoxing and throwing out all the gunk from within. I slept very well that night. 

As the bump kept exuding waste, I kept cleansing it and being patient.

This was also a difficult time for me emotionally as I was going through emotional detox too. I was weeping, and was super emotional to any small thing or comment. I understood I was emotionally detoxing too.

As the detox proceeded, it left me feeling calmer, sleeping deeper and more energetic. But I think the most wonderful feeling was that I had finally connected with my body!

Healing is natural

I was able to listen to the body and understand that all I needed to heal was to stay out of its way as the body’s intelligence is supreme. This was the first time in my 61+ years of living that I was immensely grateful for this amazing self-repair wonder machine that I was born with! This was a major detox of being on mostly fruits for a year! I understood that the body was cleansing itself of the deeper toxins that was sitting inside for years. 

Without the burden of energy drain to digest dense foods, my body was healing beautifully inside out. Now I love my body in a different way and I know will always take care of it and prioritize it’s needs. It's the only one I have and it's my duty to make sure that it works like clockwork! 

Healing continues

There were many holes and bumps around the cyst but I let them be. No creams , oils, balms , oral medicine, tinctures,  etc. were applied. Just the natural elements of sunlight and water, fruits and lots of love, rest, exercise and patience .

I saw the magic of how the toxins all just oozed out. This left a big gaping hole there and within hours, nature performed its fine surgery, closed it and created a scab. 

The wound was drying up. I started feeling itchy and that perhaps was my body’s way of communicating that the wound was drying and being sealed off. The exudation was over – a wonderful healing journey of almost 7 weeks  - from Aug 16th 2023 to Oct 6th 2023.


Since then not a day when I don't look at my body with amazement at how beautifully nature has designed it! I have understood is that it's the most forgiving organism. Even after abuse,  once you give it the original factory settings it starts to function perfectly! My salutes to this wonder machine that's just one of its kind! 

The skin has healed so well, as if I never had this cyst episode at all!

I am ever grateful to Gaurav Goyal Ji for helping me find my path. I used to do a 21 days fruit feasting earlier. He showed how we can live on fruits for life!

Gratitude to Dr. Rashmi Menon who always supported and showed me the magic the body is capable of creating!

A huge Thanks to Dr. Prashanthi Atluri and Asha Shivram from Wellcure for helping me through this very difficult physical, emotional and mental upheaval ever so patiently every single day! Both of you showed me what my body is capable of!

Thank you Ayushi Shukla for listening to my complaints all the time and helping me stay on track all through!

And the biggest gratitude to my husband Shishir who tolerated all the tamasha and stood by me even when people told us to opt for surgery. He was the most patient that he has ever been. He supported me and took care that I rested well, got my daily dose of sunlight and stayed happy. Keeping me in high spirits with his laughter was his job and he did it very well!

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