From Sickness to Strength - Maumita's Courageous Story of Recovery and Positivity


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01:21 PM | 23-02-2024

In a remarkable journey of resilience and positivity, Maumita Das shares her story of overcoming childhood ailments, digestive distress, and the challenges that led to a total hysterectomy. Discover how embracing a whole food plant-based diet, nature cure, and spirituality transformed her life, bringing back joy and vitality. Read on to explore Maumita's path to holistic health and her commitment to spreading awareness about a natural lifestyle.

Maumita Das, 51 years
Bangalore (India)

Childhood Ailments:
As a child, I was no stranger to constant colds and coughs. Antibiotics became a routine, disrupting my gut health. Despite being surrounded by nourishing foods, my habits unknowingly set the stage for future health challenges.

Worsening Digestive Health:
The introduction of buffalo milk, injected with chemicals to boost lactation, took a toll onl my digestive system. The result? Chronic constipation and painful piles. Stress became a constant companion, leading to irregular periods, weakened self-esteem, and persistent sickness.

Diagnosis of Fibroid:
At 45, heavy periods, hair fall, weight gain, insomnia, and fatigue signaled trouble. Tests revealed large uterine fibroids, ultimately leading to a total hysterectomy in 2017. Little did I know, that the aftermath of surgery would introduce new health challenges.

The Turning Point:
Fortunately, a transformative shift occurred in my life in 2020. Introduced by friends, I discovered SHARAN and Natural Lifestyle through Darshan Ashram in Delhi. 

Embracing a whole food plant-based diet became my turning point. Incorporating more fruits and natural foods, I witnessed the disappearance of constipation and piles, with a stabilization of my health over the next year. Within another year, I successfully discontinued all medications, including vitamin tablets, painkillers, and ayurvedic medicines. 

Throughout this journey, invaluable support came from friends and mentors, including Smitha Hemadri, Asha Shivaram, Dr. Prashanthi Atluri, Shailender, Gaurav Goyal, and the Wellcure platform. 

The positive changes were evident—increased energy levels, deeper sleep, reduced restlessness, improved appetite and digestion, and a significant reduction in body stiffness and pain. My health was on a steady path to recovery.

Embracing a Natural Lifestyle:
The years 2022 and 2023 marked a deeper dive into my natural wellness journey. I embraced living foods, and grounding practices, connected with nature, and incorporated meditation and gratitude. 

Life is Wonderful Now:
Today, my life is characterized by peace, joy, and a commitment to spreading awareness about natural living.  I enjoy doing yoga, nature, walks cooking healthy food for my family, and learning more about living a natural lifestyle. My suffering has helped me be aware of this gift of health and life. I have taken a vow to work for the cause of nature cure and plant-based lifestyle till my last breath

Future Endeavors:
Looking ahead, I'm passionate about writing a plant-based cookbook inspired by Bengali cuisine. My goal is to revive healthier cooking methods, such as mustard seed paste and steaming, prevalent before the British era.

Thank you for joining me on this incredible journey from sickness to strength. Together, let's embrace the transformative power of natural wellness!

About Author:
Maumita holds degrees in English literature and Child Psychology, complemented by a diploma in early childhood education. Her professional journey includes valuable experience as a facilitator in Child Care Centers. Currently working as a home tutor, she has redirected her focus to passionately advocate for natural living alongside her esteemed mentors. Outside of her professional pursuits, she finds joy in exploring nature-filled destinations, indulging in reading, fostering spirituality, staying informed on natural health, immersing myself in poetry, and experimenting with culinary creations.

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