Irreversible Vitiligo reversed naturally

Anand Siva

Natural Healing Explorer

10:05 AM | 16-10-2019

Anand was 48 years old when the white patches on his face were diagnosed to be Vitiligo. He was told that it was an irreversible skin condition with no known cure, he was recommended some skin cream to try out. But Anand was not worried. He continued his life as usual and was on the path of incorporating organic and raw foods into his diet. Little did he know about the impact it would have on his skin condition. Read his positively charged journey here.

Anand Siva
53 years, CRM Consultant
Navi Mumbai

It was a random beginning

It was somewhere in 2014, when I was 48 years old, that my daughter Shasvathi noticed white small patches appearing on my face. From there, it started spreading rapidly. At its peak, my face was like an atlas, well, being round and bald, more like a globe!

Below am sharing vitiligo reversal stories ie how I cured my vitiligo.

Expert Opinion

I went to a dermatologist only to confirm it was vitiligo as I didn’t want to be visiting public places or going to office with something contagious. I asked her if it was reversible. Her response was “not really, there’s no cure or knowledge of why it happens. But it’s my duty to give you something to try"! She then offered a colouring cream recommendation to hide it.

How I felt about my condition

I thought to myself that who will gain from this action plan – probably the pharma companies hoping I'd make it a lifelong habit!

I usually take things as they come. A patch on my skin wasn’t going to bother me. I did not use the skin colouring cream. I believe being beautiful from inside comes first! All I hoped was for it to spread fast enough and make me monochrome - so I could stop being asked silly questions!

Status today

Take a look at the pictures below. Frankly, I am not too sure what caused the reversal, especially since not a single act in my day was to even remotely address this, so much so that I think its perhaps just not giving it any respect or importance that sort of turned it away! Why not?

By Aug 2017, my condition had improved significantly. I would say 60% of the patches were gone.

Currently (May 2019), I think just 10% of it is left.


Some changes that parallely happened in my life

I thought I'd share some of the big changes that happened in my life during these periods. It may help those of you who are or know someone going through this phase of losing pigmentation. It may be worthy of trying and go back to prove that always - it is ONLY GOOD food that will deliver good health.

  • The first change was to do away with the microwave. I had been reading about the ill effects of microwave and this change was long due.
  • The last 24 months has been a big dietary change. - I went 80% organic. I switched to more and more fresh raw foods - salads, fruits, nuts and seeds.

My daily routine looked like this:

  • Start of the day - a fruit smoothie at about 7:00 am.
  • Breakfast - usually ragi or any millet porridge, by 8-8.30 am.
  • Fruits and salads between 11:00 am and 9:00 pm – including dry fruits, nuts, seeds such as sunflower seeds, melon seeds, raisins, etc.
  • Grains and pulses are occasional, for a change, once in a while.
  • My cooked food is steam cooked and eaten without salt or oil.
  • My water drinking habits changed - I had completely stopped drinking bottled water. As I carried my own water always, it would have something added to it - Apple Cider Vinegar for vitiligo (which was added to my salads too), cinnamon sticks, sliced lemon, pudhina (mint leaves) stalks.
  • The role of chemicals in my life has drastically reduced. Organic food is one part of it, I have perhaps been using zero PET/ plastic. No food of mine was bought, served or stored in anything other than clay, steel or wood.

I had turned vegan in 2010, for ethical reasons, as an animal activist. The vegan lifestyle was instrumental in giving a strong foundation to my health. Animal foods are heavy-to-digest and body wastes a lot of energy on digestion. As I was not consuming non-veg and dairy, my body was able to use its energy to heal me.



I can’t think of anything else that has changed since I was diagnosed with vitiligo in 2014. I am certain that not giving attention to my skin condition was the primary reason for its reversal. It’s like an unwanted guest who leaves in a huff. But inside me is the confidence-boosting belief that gives your body the food it deserves, it will pay you back with good health. Consider this: if an irreversible case like this can show signs of reversal, how much it can help killer diseases like diabetes, heart, kidney and liver!!

Give it a thought. If you are still placing taste in the mouth over goodness in the body, you are wasting life!

(About Anand Siva – Anand is a CRM consultant based out of Mumbai. He is a passionate animal activist, environmentalist and green life enabler. His hobbies include music and reading).

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Shilpi Shrivastava

08:26 PM | 09-10-2021

You are a inspiration to everyone.Please tell me which program you have joined here,it will be a great help.

Rajkumar B

09:17 PM | 05-09-2020

Are u eating all kinds of fruits like citric fruits etc.. and about vegetables ?.. grains all grains or only few ?...

Rajkumar B

09:48 AM | 02-09-2020

Amazing Achievement sir ..Proud to see this miracle. Some Ray of Hope here...
I have been diagnosed with Vitiligo from last 3 months .. it started with small dot on my both hands...and now it's like 6 patches on whole body...
I have been taking NBUVB photography and some tablets .
Along with this I started intermittent fasting like 2 meals a day 16:8 .
My diet is as follows : No wheat or any wheat products , No white rice , No Milk products , no oily items or Junk food ,no Citric fruits etc.

Yes.. I am seeing 20-30 % progress overall in 1and half month !..

May be difficult to replace all the grains.
I have been using Brown rice ,Small millet,Jowar as the replacement for wheat and white rice .Drinking copper bottle water.
So grains food how often you used to take like once in a week or month etc.
Now I am also planning to go grain free ?
Can you please guide me better here.

gyaan ki baatein

09:19 AM | 01-10-2021

How much you recovered now..plz share

gyaan ki baatein

09:18 AM | 01-10-2021

How much you recovered now..plz share

gyaan ki baatein

09:18 AM | 01-10-2021

How much you recovered now..plz share

Anchal Kapur

03:20 PM | 02-09-2020

Dear Rajkumar

Each body is different, yet we all have to simply follow Nature's Laws for us. How you eat food, in what combinations, at what time of the day is as important as what you choose to eat. Plus there are non food elements of nature that help one reclaim their health. Pls explore our 1:1 Natural Health Coaching program if you would like guidance on your health -


Varsha Sutrave

02:39 PM | 30-12-2019

Your story is amazing. I love the last statement on taste over goodness of body. I'm a beginner in Nature Cure practice so easier said than done for me.

Rupa Agarwal

02:28 PM | 23-07-2019

Anand Ji that's really inspiring for me , more so I too have Vitiligo on my right eyelashes and eyebrows. Currently I am 39 , the depignentation started in 1996 when I was 16. Can you please guide me too. I can post my eye pic if needed

Anand Siva

05:26 PM | 24-07-2019

Sure Rupa! If you go through my journey, all of what I did is covered!! Let me know where you need help specifically, happy to help!


01:39 PM | 23-07-2019

Really inspiring . Thankyou for sharing . This will help alot in my practice . Make you stay healthy and active 😊

Jyoti Bhawsar

07:18 PM | 15-05-2019

Hi Anand Sir,
Thank you so much for your response.
As normal parents me and my husband were really concerned about our son having vitiligo as we didn't have any knowledge about it and started consulting medical experts. He manly has it under his arms and not on hi face.
As an energy healer myself , I was always against using steroid creams. It took a while to convince my husband. But thanks to Asha Sivaram, as she introduced me to veganism. It's been a while that me and family have turned vegan. Doing gradual changes in my
son's diet.

Anand Siva

07:04 PM | 15-05-2019

Hi Jyoti - thanks, I am glad this is helping you in some way! To be honest, I think its a myth. I have had people in my family who have gone through hundreds of different trials, diets and efforts - all of them have now only increased the patches. It is a mystery to medicine and different doctors try and offer something they believe may work. I would strongly urge you to give your son the confidence that the patches dont matter, that he must ignore it like you would a grey hair or a man his balding patch. Try and take him on a vegan diet, reduce processed foods and add ACV to his diet. He may be a role model! Please do note, I an not a qualified or certified medical practitioner, only sharing my knowledge and learnings. Good luck to both of you!

Rajkumar B

09:55 AM | 02-09-2020

Dear sir ,
You have healed yourself from the disease which said can't help !.. Experience helps ..Pleasse guide us better.. you are no less than a Natural healer and doctor ..


Jyoti Bhawsar

03:58 PM | 15-05-2019

That's an inspirational story. Thank you for posting. My 7 year old has been diagnosed with vitiligo too. Many doctors advice to avoid foods like grapes and tomatoes. But my son loves to eat cherry tomatoes. Is this a myth or a truth?

Priyanka Kaushik

05:52 PM | 14-05-2019

Wow! Wonderful

Swati Dhariwal MA, ND,

04:36 PM | 14-05-2019

The change in the inside with healthy food habits has brought this great change. It takes time but it does get your life back on track. Congratulations on embracing the. Nature based lifestyle .


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