Yoga: An Effective Healing Therapy For PCOS



05:21 PM | 13-01-2021

Tired of switching between gynaecologists, doctors and alternative therapists for PCOS? Open your eyes to look beyond symptoms and get to the root of the disease. Read on to educate yourself on how you can live a PCOS free life. It’s time to take ownership of your own health!

Every process in your body is regulated by your hormones. Infertility, acne, heavy painful periods are all a result of your body’s hormonal system functioning poorly.

Clinically characterized by multiple cysts on the ovaries, excessive unnatural hair growth and irregular periods, PCOS is one such hormonal imbalance that has become rampant in teenage girls and women in the reproductive age group. From taking birth control pills to opting for hormonal therapies, the journey towards healing may at times become a stressful and frustrating experience. 

Let’s start by saying that YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS. Millions of women across the globe are currently suffering from symptoms such as irregular painful periods, unnatural body hair, infertility and mood swings. So what is it that millions are doing wrong? 

 The answer is a no brainer and probably one that you would have heard multiple times before already. Wrong lifestyle choices, dietary habits, inactive lifestyle, sleeping patterns or stress. And yet, falling prey to quick fixes and instant relief seems like the best course to take in our fast-paced routines.

Symptomatic treatment may give a quick result and relieve your symptoms, for the time being, only to sprout their head again when you stop the treatment. Dealing with the numerous side effects seems like yet another exhausting and painstaking task.

 And hence ladies, there is only and only one singular way out. Going the holistic way is the only solution for permanent relief. Anybody promising you a magic pill, a secret mantra to permanently rid you of PCOS, will make you work on the following aspects of your life. Exercise, Sleep, Stress management, Diet and Lifestyle. 

And the single capsule that encompasses all of the above is YOGA. A holistic pill that creates balance, harmony and peace within you by uniting your body, mind and soul.

How does Yoga help?
1) Stress Management: Stress is known to be one of the primary reasons for impacting the reproductive system. Yoga is a mind-body approach that significantly helps in lowering stress and improves your physical and mental wellbeing. Meditations keep the mind calm and give a sense of control over emotions and feelings.

2) Increased energy and blood flow: Yogic warm-ups, breathing exercises and poses increase the supply of nutrient and oxygen-rich blood towards the ovaries and uterus. Moreover, it helps by releasing tension and tightness around the pelvis, opening it up to receive the healing energy.

3) Stimulates Reproductive system: Certain yoga poses boost blood flow towards the abdomen and stimulates the ovaries and uterus.

4) Regulates hormones: Hormonal balance is extremely crucial in keeping the good health of your reproductive system. Yoga regulates the endocrine system and promotes efficient functioning of various glands that regulate the hormones.

Yoga Therapy For PCOS
When we say Yoga holds the power, it is supplemented with the various levels on which it supports the body to reverse the symptoms. Here’s an overview of what 12 weeks of dedicated yoga practise can do for your body

Effect on blood glucose and lipid levels: An hour of Yoga practise including Surya namaskars, asanas, pranayamas and meditation leads to a significant improvement in blood glucose and lipid metabolism. What’s more, it also helps in lowering insulin resistance- the key culprit that triggers symptoms of PCOS.

Effect on anxiety and stress: The effect of yoga done over a period of 12 weeks is significantly more successful in lowering stress and anxiety levels than indulging in regular physical exercises.

Effect on hormones: Another characteristic PCOS symptom is - hormones gone all over the place. A 12-week yoga practise can bring about a balance in the AMH, LH and testosterone - thus improving the menstrual cycle and lowering the severity of hirsutism. A one hour yoga practice thrice a week for 3 months can reduce your testosterone levels by as much as 29 per cent.

Effect on quality of life: Pranayama and mindful meditation practises increase oxygenation in the body and balances the emotions, thereby elevating the happy hormones in the body.

There is no denying that living with PCOS is a struggle. But taking active steps towards its management is easier than it seems. Yoga is an inexpensive and easy way of supporting the body towards health. Supplementing Yoga with correct lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits can significantly help you in managing the symptoms and living a fuller, healthier life.



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