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12:47 PM | 05-08-2021

Health is simple. It is our natural state of being. If we live, eat, and behave in sync with nature, we will live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.

Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health and wellness that focuses on supporting the body's inherent ability to heal itself. Natural therapies aim to address the root causes of health issues rather than merely alleviating symptoms. 

Discover the transformative power of Natural Healing through five essential therapies that elevate health and combat diseases. Dive into the wisdom of aligning with nature's elements for a holistic well-being journey.

Nature's Health Plan:

Understand the simplicity of health as our natural state, synchronized with the circadian rhythm. Explore the five essential elements: Sun, Space/Ether, Water, Air, and Earth, and integrate them into your daily life to activate your body's natural healing powers.

  1. Sun - The primary source of all energy on earth

  2. Space/Ether - The emptiness that other elements fill

  3. Water - Our bodies are 70% water

  4. Air - The life force (Prana) in all creatures

  5. Earth - The origin of all nutrients & food

If you learn to utilize all of these elements in your daily lives, you will be able to awaken the natural healing powers of your bodies, and hence attaining a healthy, disease-free life.  

Which Are The 5 Most Effective Natural Healing Methods?

Incorporate the 5 natural elements in your healing process and daily lifestyle in the form of 5 natural therapies listed below:

1. Sun Therapy

Sunlight is a life-giving source, the center of energy for all the planets in our solar system. Out of the Sun’s magnetic energy, heat and light, we use only the sunlight for therapeutic purposes. 

What Are The Benefits of Sunlight?

  • Sunlight is antimicrobial, it kills the bacteria, fungi & viruses present on our skin

  • Sunlight aids in the better elimination of heat from our body. It also makes our metabolic rate better

  • Sunlight promotes the synthesis of vitamin D & absorption of calcium, hence preventing disorders of bones and teeth

  • Sunlight promotes the secretion of dopamine & serotonin, hence elevating mood & reducing the effects of mental disorders

  • On exposure to sunlight, the T-cells of our immune system travel to the site of infection & inflammation and clear it up

  • Sunlight improves the absorption of iodine, hence promoting thyroid function

How To Do Sun Therapy?

Sunbathing done every day gives all of the above benefits

  • Preferably during early morning, sit under the sun with minimum clothing (as much as possible), preferably white cotton clothing

  • Get direct sunlight

    • If it is harsh (like in summers) - absorb for 3-4 minutes on each side of the body (front & back)

    • If it is mild (winter or monsoon) - absorb for 5-8 minutes on each side of the body (front & back)

  • Cover your head & face to avoid overheating with a cloth or keep them in shade

  • When you start feeling heated, get under the shade.

  • Come back and expose another side of your body to the sun

2. Hydrotherapy

The use of water for pain relief, healing, and treatment of diseases is called Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy encompasses a broad range of approaches and therapeutic methods that take advantage of the physical properties of water. Water’s temperature and pressure are used to stimulate blood circulation and equalization of body heat. Both of these effects promote healing.

What Are The Benefits of Hydrotherapy?

  • Since 70% of our body is made up of water, water plays a pivotal role in cleansing and healing.

  • In an unhealthy body, the heat is unevenly distributed. Hydrotherapy equalizes the body heat

  • Relief from pain by dispersion of blockages/congestions

  • Temporary increase in vitality

Where ever there is congestion and stagnant blood, the temperature is more, whereas, where ever there is a poor supply of blood, the body part is cold. The hydrotherapy baths and packs assist the body in correcting these issues.

Techniques Of Hydrotherapy: You may refer to this article for detailed ways to perform hydrotherapy. Here we are enlisting some common methods:

Bandages and Packs: Bandages and wet packs are more suitable for weaker patients. They can be used in many different ways:

  1. Abdominal Wet Pack: Wrap a broad, wet cold (room temperature) bandage around the stomach to give relief from excess heat in the abdominal area. In chronic conditions, it is better to cover the bandage with a woolen wrapper to not expose it to cold air.

  2. The Cooling Wet Pack: This is very useful when the patient is very weak and has a very high body temperature. A wet cotton blanket may be wrapped around the trunk of the body and covered by a woolen blanket to keep away the extra cold. Do not forget the wet towel on the head. Once the blanket starts feeling warm it can be removed and the body could be patted dry.

  3. The local Cooling Wet Packs: Cold wet packs can be used on local troubled areas in sprains, wounds, sprains, pains, swellings, etc. Even in case of serious injuries, one can get a wet bandage, which could relieve the pain and make one forget pain for some time. While bleeding the pack could be tied tightly to stop the draining of the blood.

Buy Wetpacks For Healing & Pain Relief

  1. The hot and cold fomentation: Whenever there is a sprain or any pain or swelling in any part of the body one could do hot and cold fomentation. Two tubs of water filled with hot and cold water each and two Turkish towels do the job. Start by placing a hot towel on the spot of pain and let it cool. Then remove the hot towel and place the cold towel on the same spot. This can continue for 20 to 30 minutes. After that wipe the body part dry and let the patient relax or go to sleep. Always finish the fomentation with a cold towel.

Read about more Hydrotherapy techniques here.

3. Fasting

The practice of fasting harnesses the ‘Ether or Space’ element of nature into our bodies and creates the environment for regeneration, healing, and repair. 

What Are The Benefits Of Fasting?

  • Enhancing digestion & assimilation of nutrients.

  • Removing un-excreted body waste. While fasting, your body is able to focus on elimination instead of digestion.

  • Stopping ingestion of unsuitable foods.

  • Promoting an increase in metabolic activity.

Your gut is one of the most stressed body systems. Overeating, eating at the wrong times, eating wrong food combinations, and eating without actual hunger are few factors that make your digestive system work round the clock without any rest. 

Giving rest to your gut (digestive organs) is extremely important for the body's healing, repair, and regeneration. Fasting is the ideal way to give that much-needed rest. By taking a break from eating for a few hours or days, your gut gets cleansed.

How To Do Fasting

Level 1: Half-day Fasting:

  • Choose a day of lesser physical & mental activity to start Fasting. Do it once a week.

  • Do not eat or drink anything till lunchtime.

  • No morning tea/ coffee & breakfast

  • Keep drinking water in sips whenever you want

  • Drink only water till lunchtime 

  • Have fruit as Lunch (Eat any one variety of seasonal fresh fruit)

  • In the Evening drink tender coconut water or fresh fruit juice (diluted 50% with water)

  • In Dinner, eat a Simple & light cooked meal (such as khichdi made of unpolished rice and vegetables)

Level 2: Full-day Fasting

  • No morning beverages & breakfast

  • Keep drinking water in sips whenever you want

  • In the Evening drink tender coconut water or fresh fruit juice (diluted 50% with water)

  • In Dinner, eat a fruit meal - any one variety of seasonal fresh fruit 

Move to full-day fasting only when you feel comfortable.


  • People with diabetes and any chronic condition should fast under supervision

  • When eating fruits during fasting do not eat citrus fruits as their acidic properties are higher and might irritate the stomach. 

4. Deep Breathing OR Naadi Shuddhi Pranayam (Air Element)

The correct manner of breathing has an enormous influence on our health. But many times, we don’t even realize we are not breathing properly.

What Are The Benefits Of Breath/Air Therapy - Naadi Shuddhi Pranayam?

  • Without the Prana (life-force), none of body organs or systems can function

  • Imbalance in the Pranic system eventually impacts our glandular system & other body functions, creating health disorders

  • Simple breathing techniques keep the Pranic system in harmony

  • Daily practice of Pranayama help relieve respiratory diseases

  • Breathing exercises calm the mind and promote positive emotions

  • It keeps your naadis free of blockage and our breath in balance

  • It calms the mind, affects our emotions and thoughts

How To Do Naadi Shuddhi Pranayama?

  • Practice early morning

  • Sit in the pose as shown in the image below

  • Close left nostril with the thumb

  • Inhale from the right nostril, hold the breath, then exhale

  • Close right nostril with the thumb

  • Inhale from the left nostril, hold the breath, then exhale

  • This is one cycle. Do a minimum of nine cycles every day

  • Never practice it after meals as deep breathing gets restricted and digestion gets affected

5. Natural, Whole, Plant-Based Eating (Earth Element)

Earth is where most of our food comes from

Eating foods that are seasonal, fresh, and have a life (live enzymes) are a great source of good health. Some examples of live foods are uncooked sprouts, raw vegetables, and fruits.

Benefits Of Eating Natural Foods As Per The Circadian Rhythm

  • They are nutrition-rich, easily absorbable by the body & help it to function at its optimum. 

  • Natural foods give us good health, they help us in staying illness-free.

  • Eating raw retains the nutritional value and the enzymes in fruits and vegetables. They also increase the alkalinity of our body, keeping us free of accumulated toxins and diseases. 

How To Eat More of Natural, Plant-based Foods?

  1. Eat more fruits: Fruits are easiest to digest and energizing, due to their glucose content and alkalinity. Choose to eat a fruit meal (preferably breakfast).

  2. Eat more veggies, Raw: That’s the best way to eat them. Eat them as salad or juice.

  3. Eat more nuts & seeds: Eat a handful of these daily. Eat them whole or as nut powders, nut pastes & nut milks.

  4. Eat more sprouts, raw: You must be eating a variety of legumes, pulses and beans. Sprout them, that’s the best way to eat them.

  5. Reduce cooked food: Try to have not more than 2 cooked meals a day. Whenever you eat a cooked meal, eat a lot of raw veggie salad with it.

  6. Reduce Processed, packaged & refined foods: They are acidic in nature, shift focus on fruits, raw veggies & sprouts.

How To Do Circadian Rhythm-Based or Time-Restricted Eating?

Our body works in sync with the cycle of the Sun & the Earth. We may not realize it all the time, but this is how we are tuned. Certain times are reserved by nature for us, to carry out our daily-life functions - elimination, eating, digestion, sleep, etc. Living as per the circadian rhythm keeps us healthier. If we go out of sync from this rhythm we tend to accumulate toxins and develop diseases. We will show you how you can apply this knowledge to your daily routine seamlessly. Read more about it and how to follow Time-Restricted Eating here.


These natural healing methods not only form the basis of natural healing therapies but using them in your daily routine can help you live a healthy and disease-free life easily.

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