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Banana Stem Therapy

The next time you visit your local subzi mandi, keep your eyes open for a white cylindrical stem- popularly known as Vazhai Thandu in the southern states and Banana Stem in other parts of the country. Slice it vertically and discard the first few layers of it and you’ll be left with a shiny and smooth shaped pith that can be had cooked, raw or simply juiced.

Packed with nutrition, high in fibre  and rich in water & antioxidants- read on to know the top 5 health benefits of banana stem.

  • Helps in Weight Loss

Chop it up and toss it into your salads! It makes you feel fuller faster and prevents you from overeating.

  • Effective For Detox

Flush out your body toxins! Replace your morning beverages with a glass of banana stem juice.

  • Relieves Gastric Issues

Suffering from constipation, acidity or heartburn? Chop up the banana stem and juice it with a few coriander leaves. Its high fibre and cooling properties will relieve all your digestive symptoms.

  • Prevents and Cures Kidney Stones & UTI

The high potassium and magnesium levels in the banana stem bind with the extra oxalate in our body and prevents stone formation. Vitamin B6 in it fights urinary tract infection.

  • Manages diabetes and blood pressure

The starch in banana stem helps in controlling blood sugar, reducing cholesterol and regulating blood pressure

Excited to add banana stem to your diet and reap its benefits! Here's a Raw Banana Stem Salad Recipe to get you started!


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