How to Get Rid Of Everyday Illness Naturally?



05:04 PM | 15-02-2024

In today's world, we may see people using conventional medicine to treat everyday illnesses such as coughs, colds, fevers, stomach upset, headaches, and aches and pains, but according to Naturopathy, everyday ailments are simply nature's way of removing toxins, which are waste materials accumulated in the body as a result of living an unhealthy lifestyle. It is completely normal to have these challenges, and we should encourage our bodies' ability to clean up by providing inputs that are in line with nature. Medication would just suppress symptoms and halt the process of waste disposal, leading to further ailments. 

Naturopathy believes in sustaining balance by putting the natural elements like water, fire, ether, earth, and air into practice through natural therapies that only promote the removal of toxins but also provide relief to the body.

  • Earth

The earth element represents stability and grounding, providing total nourishment and stress-relieving activities; hence, one should incorporate earthy and natural foods into their meals or practise walking barefoot on the ground. 

  • Water

The other element, water, represents cleansing and renewal by supplying hydration and balancing the body's temperature to wash out toxins. Hydrotherapy is one of these practices. 

  • Fire

The fire element indicates vitality and transformation; exposing oneself to the sun on a regular basis is a part of therapy that incorporates this element in life. It also helps to improve blood circulation.

  • Air 

The Air element symbolises breath. It improves respiratory function and relaxes the mind and body. Deep breathing exercises might aid to oxygenate the blood flow and improve its health.

  • Ether (Space)

The Ether element symbolises spaciousness, rest, and connection. It helps the body to rest and recover on a deeper level. Fasting allows the body to rest its digestive system while it works on cleansing and mending itself. 

Now, let’s delve deeper into how these five natural elements can help in healing by providing natural treatment for everyday illnesses.

1. Cough, Cold & Fever

When we feed our bodies a prolonged sluggish diet of acidic, contaminated and packaged foods, it becomes difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, resulting in weakened immunity, functioning and toxic accumulation in the body, causing colds and coughs.

Fever is the body’s natural mechanism to fight germs & purify blood. Our body has an internal thermostat and the ability to heal. Fever is there when the temperature of the body is risen to handle the toxemia linked crisis.

Natural treatment

  • Fasting 

Fasting is a sure way to speed up the elimination of toxins. Juice fasting is a method that involves replacing meals with natural fruit or vegetable juices (free of sugar and other chemicals) and tender coconut. If you feel hungry during the fasting window, you can drink natural juices. It is recommended to avoid mixing fruits and vegetables.

If not juice fasting, the order of preference of meals should be diluted fruit juice, coconut water, juicy fruits, pulpy fruits, and steamed vegetables. All forms of animal products, tea, coffee, processed foods, grains, nuts and seeds, and other cooked foods must be avoided until natural hunger returns. A few sips of lukewarm water or soaked raisins will help relieve throat inflammation.

  • Sunbathing

Sun exposure boosts vitamin D production, which is essential for immune system function. Adequate vitamin D levels have been linked to a lower incidence of respiratory infections. It also relieves the symptoms of colds and coughs due to the natural warmth. 

  • Steaming

Steaming can be used to relieve congestion in the respiratory path. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to water and allowing the steam to enter the nose can provide comfort.

  • Wet Pack Therapy

A wet pack, also known as a cold compress, can be an efficient technique to reduce fever and relieve the discomfort associated with it. You can purchase it from here. OR, lay a damp cotton cloth on the individual’s forehead, neck, or other heated places and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes. 

2. Frequent Headaches

Headache, in most cases, is due to digestive issues. Incomplete evacuation of the bowels from the digestive system leads to bacteria feeding on it. This in turn leads to release of gases which can cause headache. Other factors like stress, lack of sleep, too much caffeine, and hormonal changes can be the trigger factors.  

Natural Treatment

  • Diet

Plenty of raw vegetables and fruits should be included in meals since they are high in fibre and enhance gut health by clearing the bowels. Fruit should be eaten at breakfast because the body is in the elimination phase, fruits are pre-digested. Avoiding all grains, animal foods, dairy, packaged, processed, sugary, and fried foods is recommended because they are all tough for the body to digest and produce a toxic environment within the body.

  • Wet Pack therapy or Arm & Foot Bath

A water-damped cotton cloth can be used to ease a headache. Use it twice a day for maximum effects. A hot arm and foot bath for 15 - 20 minutes may assist to reduce headaches since water brings relief and relaxation, particularly if the reason is stress.

  • Deep breathing activities

Practice deep breathing techniques, such as pranayama, on a regular basis. Brahmari pranayama is a type of therapeutic pranayama that is specifically used for headaches.

3. Upset Stomach

An upset stomach is caused by incorrect digestive functioning, which is commonly caused by eating the wrong type of food, eating at the wrong time, not getting enough physical exercise, or having a disturbed circadian rhythm, all of which lead to toxemia and digestive problems. 

Natural Treatment

  • Diet

Half-day fasting can be followed to give the body the much-needed digestive rest. One can break the fast at 1PM with fruits. Mainly the diet followed after that should include low-digestibility foods such as coconut water, lemon juice, or homemade fruit juice as needed, as well as fruits such as banana, apple, and pomegranate that are easier to digest. Avoiding animal-based sources, lentils, and grains is recommended because they are heavy to digest diets.

  • Grounding Therapy

Walking barefoot on ground, sand, or grass can be used to commence grounding therapy since it puts the body in a relaxed state where it can focus on healing and rejuvenation. Anxiety, stress, and mental stimulation should be avoided during this period to conserve energy for the elimination process.

  • Wet-Pack Therapy

Place a thick, cold, damp, wrung-out cotton cloth over your abdomen and lie down for 20 minutes. To optimize the therapeutic impact, it should be repeated three to four times per day.


In conclusion, naturopathic principles offer a holistic approach to managing everyday ailments by harnessing the power of nature's elements. Embracing practices such as fasting, sun exposure, wet pack therapy, dietary alterations, grounding, and mindful breathing, one can support their body's innate ability to support the body in natural cleansing mechanism and get relief from everyday ailments & restore balance.

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