Buckwheat Dosa

Asha Shivaram

Natural Healing Companion

03:44 PM | 16-02-2022
Prep Time
8 hours
Cook Time
10 minutes

Buckwheat is a pseudo grain. It is much more digestible than grains like rice and wheat. Your stomach does not feel bloated or heavy after eating this dosa.

Lunch or dinner is the best time to have this


1 cup buckwheat grains (light green in colour)

If this cannot be found, use buckwheat flour

Grated veggies like cabbage, pumpkin, carrot, onion, zucchini etc

Spinach 1 bunch

Salt as required


Wash and soak buckwheat overnight

Wash well again and grind with cleaned spinach to a smooth slightly watery batter

Add salt

This batter does not need fermentation

Heat a tava and spread the batter to a thin circular shape

Add some scraped veggies on top and close the lid

After a few mins, flip the dosa and cook for just 10 to 20 seconds

Serve with any curry of your choice

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Ayesha Ansari

09:00 PM | 17-02-2022

I always fail to make buckwheat dosa it does not come out well and does not even bind what is the issue ...i use buckwheat flour can u please help out

Asha Shivaram

11:59 AM | 21-02-2022

I have done it with buckwheat flour also with no issues.

If using non-stick tava, apply a drop of oil for the first time.

Make smaller ones first time.

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