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08:45 AM | 12-12-2018

My 14 year old daughter has been getting a lot of pimples off late. Have tried giving her lot of fruits and keep her hydrated, not of much use. She is very frustrated. I don’t want to put her on any medication, is there any natural remedy?

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3 Answers

04:31 PM | 12-12-2018

Its true. I have a daughter who has small acne on her forehead too. She has healthy eating habits and we use only whole foods at home that are organic. At this age there will be some harmonal fluctuations and over time it will stabilize. Turmeric helps..but healing is typically an inside out approach and not outside in. Unless she is on full raw / high raw with only dinner cooked, body will continue to act funny in this age. 

04:11 PM | 17-12-2018

Teenagers tend to eat out a lot , experiment with food and have erratic eating schedukes.Also stress from school,  peer pressure add to the problem.  At least at home, keep food simple, feed them with lots of fruits,fresh juices and salads and the skin will clear. 

09:30 AM | 12-12-2018

Here I would like you to understand pimples as a body’s mechanism to release dirt or toxins. While it is body’s intelligence at work, I understand it is not a pleasant experience. It would help your daughter to adopt healthy eating practices. She should specifically avoid junk, fried and spicy foods. Have plenty of water, fresh fruits and veggies. Also, try making a paste of neem leaves along with water or virgin coconut oil (depending upon whether her skin is dry or oily) and apply on the pimples. It helps to heal.

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