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04:40 PM | 12-12-2018

Are there any plant based sources of vitamin b12?

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3 Answers

06:35 PM | 14-12-2018

I am not sure if your questions is

- Are there plant based sources of Vit B12 pills?

- Can I get B12 from plants?

For the answer to question 1, yes there are B12 pills available in the market which is from a plant based source. Unived.in sells these. Look for 1500mcg Methylcobalamin .

For the second part of the question, B12 is not made by plants or animals. It is made from bacteria. Keep your gut healthy, soak in natural elements like sun, air, water, earth, organic foods etc to allow ood B12 generation by the body.

11:18 PM | 13-12-2018

No it's animal based source 

11:06 PM | 13-12-2018

Any food which can ferment in the body can produce Vit B12 e.g. Coconut water and also if you eat Banana for 2 -3 days , It will ferment and produce Vit B12. 

10:25 AM | 14-12-2018

Hi Swatantra. Would like to understand the fermentation a bit better. How does that work? I eat 2 bananas everyday :-). Maybe that's why my b12 is ok, I hardly take any animal products.


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