11:55 AM | 26-12-2018

I find it very confusing and overwhelming to figure out what to eat and what not to eat. Healthy feels boring, but am doing it because someone told me to. Do I have to be on raw all through my life?

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08:42 AM | 27-12-2018

Lifestyle is a way of life that you love body mind and spirit. If you live a conflicted life, your mind and heart being elsewhere and you looking at a healthy way of life as a diet then it’s likely that you won’t see results. Living a happy life with junk may not kill as opposed to living a conflicted life with raw. I have worked with someone who was a raw vegan but suffered a high bp. So unless you are at peace with anything, it’s a crime to your body in doing it. Make peace with ur lifestyle or follow something that your heart asks. You may be wrong, but you will come back to the right reasons overtime. 

11:51 AM | 26-12-2018

Hi … wanted to share my experience of changing my lifestyle. When we eat with intuition and our own innate logic it is one of the more easy things to do because this knowledge is intuitive in our DNA.  Unfortunately, in today's world we are so inundated with info and apply everything in piecemeal, that it gets overwhelmingly confusing about what to eat what not to eat.

Here are few back-to-basics things I have realized during my own health journey:

  • Look at food as whole, natural, fresh, local seasonal instead of breaking it up into proteins, carbs, fats, vit this, omega that!

  • In terms of food pyramid, know that our bodies best absorb nutrition from easily digestible foods in natural forms – fruits, veggies, sprouts, nuts, whole legumes.  Does that mean, you have to live forever on raw foods – no. It simply means you have to scale up the natural foods in your daily habit.

  • Eliminating processed foods is a good step because these are loaded with additives, preservatives etc. and they clog your natural systems (remember human bodies were not designed to eat processed foods, nature meant us to eat naturally sourced foods).

  • So find suitable replacements for white sugar, refined oils, iodised salt.  Eventually as you up your raw, fresh, natural foods your need for sugar and salt will lower.

  • Understand right food combination & digestion times, circadian rhythm of body – this will help you understand fruits should be had alone, grains and non-veg combination are too taxing on body  etc.

  • Know whether you are eating for memory & taste or for nutrition. Also remember the most impotant nutrient in food has to be Vitamin P i.e. pleasure and palatable. If not, even the healthiest food will not act on you.

  • And most importantly, look back at nature – there is so much variety in everything so why eat same boring ‘healthy’ food every day! Peanuts need not be just consumed as such …you can make dips, chutneys, sprinkle on salads, eat as dessert …the options are limitless!

I hope you will continue to progress on your journey and find a balance. Understanding that health is default mode of body, and all I have to do for it is go back to basics, listen to my own instinct and this has been very liberating for me personally. Sorry for the long post!

11:48 AM | 26-12-2018

Of course, if you are facing a health issue, then increasing your raw immediately, will give you a faster turnaround.  However, for most of us, as we progressed along the journey, we also found the balance in our life. Eating from all food groups including the raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sprouts has now become an ingrained practice.  Instead of focusing on what not to eat, simply focus on adding. If you are listening to a lot of food groups, health videos etc stop doing that! You can simply know that incorporating raw foods is a good idea as this means you are connecting back to nature and thus to your health.

11:47 AM | 26-12-2018

Hi … when we do something which someone else told us to do then most likely we have not internalized the concept and understanding.

We are internally equipped (just as all other living organisms) to know what is food.  But we choose to allow ourselves to be fed by information, which is backed up by no or very little experience.  Pls note, deciding to include more raw in your foods is a conscious choice. By rational and logical understanding our body accepts and absorbs foods in their natural whole state the best.  Thus any food which is raw is easily digested and any unwanted elements of that food are easily discarded by the body.

So you do not have to be raw all your life.  Take one step at a time. You can actually make a monthly plan.  For example, raw foods include fruits, vegetables (as salads and juices) nuts and sprouts.  So Month 1 you could simply focus on adding more fruits to your intake. Go seasonal. Rediscover the joy of eating fruits.  Explore the market, learn which fruits are in season by simply tasting the fruits.

Then next month, you can focus on increasing your raw vegetable intake in form of salads.  Another month you could look at increasing nuts, nut-based chutneys etc.


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