10:40 AM | 30-05-2019

I have a weird problem at hand. I got cough n cold few days back. I increased my raw food and also rested well for a day or two my nose was flowing like a river and I became ok post that. But 5% of my cough cold has stubbornly remained and just refuses to go. Its been many days now and I wonder what else to do?

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8 Answers

12:43 PM | 03-01-2019

Warm ginger lemon concoction mixed with a small amount of water helps.  You can also keep chewing dry fruits often. If cough persists esp at night, you can soak dry fruits such as kishmish and take when coughing. This will soothe your throat.

03:34 PM | 30-05-2019

Do steam inhalation with cabbage leaves in hot water.Inhale through your nose and exhale via your mouth,as of you are blowing a candle.Do this for 20-30 minutes.Wipe all the perspiration after the steam,and do not sit under the fan or an air conditioned room for 20-30 minutes.

Dr.Arnold Fernandes(PT)

06:49 PM | 30-05-2019

Firstly what you have been experiencing is not at all weird, it is called as residual cold which can be stubborn to go. Especially the cough after cold is the one who stays for a very long time. What you can do is?

In case you are experiencing continuous cold, the best thing to have is ginger and honey mixture which will be soothing and go for a head massage which will relax your nerves after violent sneezes.

In case you have a continuous cough, then since ages, one remedy which has always been fruitful for cough is Liquorice plant (mulethi) having this powder with honey will help.

08:31 PM | 30-04-2019

There is one more point to look into. Do you sleep in an air conditioned room? If yes, then please stop using air conditioner all through the night. Just cool the walls of the room for some time, switch off the Ac and open up the windows and door for fresh air circulation. Breathing in fresh air all night has a very big impact on your lungs and over all health.


Do give me your feed back.

08:30 PM | 30-04-2019

Water fast for a day or if not able to fast have only diluted fresh juices when hungry. If not just stay off food. One more days rest should be fine I think.  And as already mentioned rest, sun exposure and good sleep should help you. 


The best fruits for juicing would be pomogranate,  pineapples, orange, mosambi or black grapes.

12:43 PM | 03-01-2019

Do steam inhalations dedicatedly.  Body throw toxins and acid build up through the mechanisms of cold and cough and many times this will linger on.  This indicates that your actions to support the body in this function has to be more sustained. Thus aim to increase your raw foods in form of fruits and vegetables on a sustained basis. Reduce grains n dairy milk if not done already. Make sure each of your cooked meals includes a hearty portion of raw salads.

09:06 AM | 01-05-2019

Cold and coughs are eliminations of the body. When I started off like you, my nose was leaking for 2 -3 months and I was off meds too. I would gargle with salt and turmeric water for few times and get on with my life. It stopped like a tap one fine day and my toxins were majorly out of me. Don’t let that bother you. It will all be ok. If it’s severe, stay on juices for a day and majorly on raw rest of the days and it will be fine. 

12:43 PM | 03-01-2019

Relook at your rest and sun factor. You can go out dedicatedly in sun. Sun is a natural anti-congestion medicine. Make sure you are resting well enough.  Sleep at night in complete darkness and reduce your load of gadgets.

Regular steam inhalation also helps.

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