09:00 AM | 15-05-2019

Can someone please tell me if hair spa is good or bad? Some people say it's good for providing nourishment to hear and repairs damage while others say it is loaded with chemicals and is bad for hair.

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3 Answers

06:48 PM | 04-01-2019

When internal health is good, hair will regrow and shine. First concentrate on bringing holistic health. All external treatments will be harmful if not natural and cause more harm in the long run

10:21 AM | 04-01-2019

Hi … do remember whatever we do for our skin and hair care is all external. The real change will happen when you make a stronger switch to natural lifestyle. Elements of ample rest, emotional balance along with concrete food changes towards natural foods are the real solution for hair problems such as dry hair, hair loss, limp hair.

Do know that our body functions on concept of vital distribution i.e all the important nutrients and energy within the body is diverted to the important organs and functions. And hair and skin and nails get whatever is left (on the assumption you have a good nutritional profile, all would get equal distribution).

So when you ensure your intake of natural foods (through a wide variety) and sulight, activity and rest are amply balanced the hair health will start showing on its own.

For relief, you could incorporate regular oil based massages followed with steam.  You could also use some home based masks. Such as hibiscus leaves, or papaya or aloe gel from aloe plant.  

Here is a link to article to



10:20 AM | 04-01-2019

Hair spas done in salons are pretty bad mainly cause they are loaded with chemicals.  Infact if you notice they may not make the hair any better n long run. My personal experience is that the chemical build up only causes the hair to become dull

I usually go for a simple hair oil massage (mostly coconut oil ) and steaming.  That’s works better.

The dryness of hair could be mainly because of the chemical based shampoos you are using.  Also for hair to really grow better, it’s internal that matters most. So loading u more on hydrating foods such as fruits and veggies, raw salads, nut, and sprouts – these are live foods and these will make your  hair health better.

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