10:15 AM | 30-05-2019

I have today got up with severe fibromyalgia pain. Its inflammation of muscles around joints☹ and it pains like crazy. It had started two three days back but today it is at its worst. But could you tell me what to do... Pls

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6 Answers

11:28 AM | 13-02-2019

What I have understood is that the root cause of any ailment/aches/pains in the body is a toxic built up inside the body, due to wrong eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, stress etc. And as your body is in state of detox so aches and pains are bound to appear. I would suggest you to increase  the 3 'R's- raw, rest and recreation.

Please also make sure you are getting enough sunlight exposure 1 hour everyday.

I would also suggest intermittent fasting - i.e gap between dinner and next day breakfast should be minimum of 14 hours.

Apply ginger juice mix with coconut oil and wrap with bandage (garam patti) on all joints that pain.

I had fbromyalgia too. Maybe you can get some inspiration from my story.


03:33 PM | 30-05-2019

1)Turmeric is an excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory.
2) Fibromyalgia being generalized pain,can also be stress related.Find time to relax your mind and meditate, preferably early in the morning along with sunrise.
3) Gentle swimming will surely help,as buyoncy of water lifts up the body,thereby reducing the weight and pressure of the body weight on your joints.
4)Undergo a carefully programmed exercise program to reset and allign your posture and strengthen the muscle.(Consult a Physiotherapist)

Dr.Arnold Fernandes (PT)

03:50 PM | 30-05-2019

The sites of fibromyalgia pain are generally, neck, shoulders and calf muscle. These muscles are usually stiffened after you have had the right amount of rest. Now that you are experiencing this pain since two-three days, it means it is still short term.

You can do these three things to work on your pain.

1. Start applying cold packs.

2. Exercise is the key to all your painful locks.

3. Start with massaging, which will relax your hardened muscles.

Massage your joint with turmeric and mustard oil which will reap you benefits and muscles will be free from pain. Warm the mustard oil, add two teaspoons of turmeric and gentle in circular motion massage twice a day for 10-15 minutes it will be beneficial.

11:51 AM | 18-03-2019

Due to toxaemia, the viruses attack the central nervous system after your organs to feast on that toxic waste. While it does, it also eliminates its own waste. This causes chronic inflammation of all the nerves in your body. The inflammation can add pressure and mild cracks and tears happen exposing the root hairs to those nerves. This becomes a sensitive and painful spot across your body. These exposed points add more vulnerability to more attacks. 

The best way to detox is to go off all the toxicity creating foods like diary meat eggs soy corn fish oils. 

Stay off grains for a month or two and eat a majorly fruit and vegetable and greens diet during that time. Have a lot of natural water fr fruits veggies and greens tender coconut like etc .. the toxins and invaders will be flushed and you will experience that relief and the body will heal too. You need to give up your attachment to the way the tongue asks for varieties of food that we are conditioned to eat. Give up the foods that you ate in the past. 

Expose yourself to the sun for 30-40 mins daily. 

When pain is better, start exercising.

Sleep well when you can. Take a break from work if you are working and spend time to heal yourself and you will be better in no time 

09:57 AM | 08-01-2019

Hi! I have seen going off dairy completely benefited my dad and gave him relief from his pains with 2-3 days. You could stop taking milk products at least for sometime and see how it affects you.

09:56 AM | 08-01-2019

My approach to healing has now become “go-to-nature” of sorts. I totally believe in the healing capacity of the body and in order to recover from disease / pain, we need to support the body in doing its work i.e. of regaining health! To begin with, I would suggest to you -- stop cooked meals till the time you have severe pain. Go on raw food diet or take one cooked meal and lots of fruits, dry fruits, seeds and nuts. Switch off is compulsory, that means to take a complete break from work, gadgets, other activities.

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