12:40 PM | 24-05-2019

My son's lips are quite dry and now he cries if he eats something or drinks a lemony thing. What can I give to sooth it? Does this happen coz the acid in the body is coming out? Or can there be any other reason?

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6 Answers

04:09 PM | 29-05-2019

In addition to having a diet rich in moisture content, and keeping the body well hydrated by regularly consuming water as per bodily requirements and climatic condition. Avoid using commercial lip balms as they have ingredients,which makes lips feel dry overtime leading to overuse of the product.

Hope this helps
Dr.Arnold Fernandes (PT)

04:08 PM | 29-05-2019

In addition to having a diet rich in water content, and consuming enough water throughout the day, which has been beautifully put up in answers above. Avoid using commercial lip balms as they have ingredients which tend to make the lips feel more dry overtime, leading to over-application of the lipbalm.

Dr.Arnold Fernandes (PT)

04:02 PM | 29-05-2019

Dryness of lips can be due to dehydration, frequent sun exposure, infection and allergies.
To get it's moisture back apply some pure coconut oil for a week, consume lot of water, apply tea tree oil. There is no permanent solution until & unless you know the cause.

10:12 AM | 08-01-2019

Dryness basically means that the body is not hydrated well from within. Though we commonly relate hydration to water intake, it is not just about the amount of water you drink that keeps you well hydrated or free of dryness. It also important to focus on eating the right kind of foods. Right kind would essentially mean foods that nourish the body and provide enough moisture to keep it hydrated. Hence I would suggest, that you ensure that you son is off any kind of packaged and processed foods. This is very important. He should be eating natural foods like raw veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts in large quantities. For hydration, he may continue to have water when he feels thirsty, but more important is to eat fruits rich in moisture like cucumbers, tomatoes etc.

10:12 AM | 08-01-2019

Avoid spicy food.  Up his raw. Feed him fresh fruits, fruit smoothies, home made fruit juices (children like this).  Add veggie juices / churned vegetables in his meals as kids don’t usually go for raw veg juices.

Apply edible coconut oil for relief.

10:11 AM | 08-01-2019

You can apply honey on his lips. Dryness could be due to internal heat and/or high acid levels. Try to make him have lots of fruits. Also, remember rest for kids is very imp 10 hrs.

11:02 AM | 08-01-2019

Please check if he is constipated. If so, simplify his diet to have more fruits and vegetables. Let him have atleast an hour sun exposure everyday.


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