10:55 AM | 15-03-2019

What to use if Godknight and Allout cannot be used? How to keep mosquitoes away naturally?

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5 Answers

06:49 PM | 13-01-2019

Hi,  you can use camphor and neem leaves. Burn camphor and neem leaves helps to keep away mosquitoes and pests

10:34 AM | 10-01-2019

Use citronella / lemongrass oil, mosquito net. Use citronella oil in pocha. Use citronella at the entrances of the house. That's where they come from. When we enter the house, some mosquitos trail in. Otherwise, all our windows have net. It's the open doors that is the biggest source. They enter during the day and hide in corners. You can also make small potlis of camphor and clove and leave them in the corner (out of reach of children ). The camphor prevents them from hiding there. Desi cow dung cake burning has the best effect.


09:35 AM | 25-02-2019

Mosquitoes are known to bite less those people who folllow a natural high raw diet :) Try it and see if it is indeed true!

07:58 AM | 23-02-2019

 I am using citronella in pocha and diffuser for house flies and mosquitoes ...

10:34 AM | 10-01-2019

Hi you can try using some natural oils in an electric diffuser - like Manjari, Lemongrass. My personal favourite is lemongrass oil - works well!

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