01:05 PM | 14-01-2019

Does banana cause increase in phlegm during cold and cough?

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4 Answers

11:11 PM | 21-02-2021

If you are looking for does banana cause cough and mucus, then I must tell you that this is a misconception. In fact, fruits including banana act like a broom - sweeping out toxins and phlegm stuck inside the body. Hence the myth.

Though I would advise to stick to non strachy juicy fruits in case of sickness.







09:00 AM | 15-01-2019

Ditto Asha. Ripe banana in fact would be easier on your digestion than any grains or milk that you take. A fully ripe banana will have dark spots on it so if you have bananas that have dark spots in skin instead of yellow ones usually sold in shops, you will feel better. Banana is also rich in potassium and fiber. Potassium helps your liver function well despite illness and medicines. Fiber will help curtail acidic side effects of antibiotics on you stomach and intestine lining. 

05:32 PM | 17-01-2019

@Anchal .. buy bananas/papayas and wrap them with paper/newspaper to minimise their contact with air. A day or two later they will ripen.



04:10 PM | 16-01-2019

Hi Manu. I always struggle to find the right bananas in Gurgaon. They are mostly unripened - green, too shapely to be natural :-(. Same for papaya too. How to buy ripe papayas? Its a pain to buy them only to realise later that they are not ripe & sweet!!


11:26 PM | 21-02-2021

Hi! I have often faced this confusion whenever I or any other family member is down with a cough and cold. In my case, I love bananas also they are very filling. I do understand that banana like other fruits is a great option especially when sick owing to the fact its easy to digest and fruits have their own healing capacity. At the same time, I always keep in mind what my homoeopath once told me viz-a-viz all other foods that are controversial in case of sickness. As per her, each body is unique and responds to a stimulus (in this case banana) differently. Hence I do try to keep a check on the general perception and opinion but also ensure to keep a check on how my body, in particular, responds to a given food. You should observe how bananas affect your body during cough and cold, then only you will get to know that does eating banana cause cold for your body type or not.. 

11:19 PM | 21-02-2021

If you are willing to know that does banana cause cough then here I am sharing you my personal experience with my son, turning 3 next month:-)

I give him 1-2 bananas everyday, either as is or as a smoothie (dairy free, sugar free). If he has cough and cold, I have continued with this routine and have never found it to worsen his cough. The only thing I become more mindful about is that the bananas are properly ripe. 

What I have noticed impacts his cough badly is white sugar, without doubt, I can see the clear connection. If we are at a social gathering and he eats Indian sweets or cake pastry chocolates type of stuff, I can distinctly see his cough deteriorating. And while I write this i'm thinking it could also be the dairy or maida or combination of all of these. Point is these are all processed foods!!

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