11:10 AM | 14-01-2019

Any remedy if the yellow bee stings you. I have rubbed iron on it.

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5 Answers

04:31 PM | 14-01-2019

Put red chilli and salt on it. The pain and toxicity will subside immediately. 

04:56 PM | 11-06-2021

Hello User,

In case of any insect bite, first you should wash it under tap water with soap. 
Then, clean it with spirit.
And then apply turmeric paste on it as it as antiseptic properties. 

Thank you 

06:38 PM | 10-06-2021

Hello User,

When a yellow bee stings the first aid treatment you should start with:

1. Apply ice it will help in dilating blood vessels that are swollen up.

2. Apply tulsi paste immediately after 10 minutes of applying ice, tulsi is anti-inflammatory which helps in preventing infection.

3. For two days continuous application of aloe vera gel will help in lightening any mark with the sting.

Whenever there is any foreign object which comes in contact with the body in order to cause harm for example an injury or insect coming to bite. Our body goes under an inflammatory process which helps in fighting the project there itself and does not allow them to enter inside the body. This is nature's beautiful way of protecting us.

Inflammation has five characteristics, pain, swelling, redness, heat, loss of function in the area. These are common symtoms which bee stung will give and part of inflammation.

Hence with the bee-stung application of these three things will help in immediate protection against the insect and so wll pain and swelling will immediately subside. 

Thank you.



10:50 AM | 14-01-2019

Tulsi paste with salt also good.

10:49 AM | 14-01-2019

Drink lots of lemon concoction i.e. lemon with an equal quantity of water and apply haldi. Or Ice on it. It will settle.


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