09:20 AM | 26-03-2019

Throat has been aching and now sneezing has started. What can I take?

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4 Answers

05:26 PM | 16-01-2019

Have your food before or by 7 PM.  At 8 PM drink water. Go to sleep. Next day in the morning do not brush your teeth and avoid any contact with water till 12 PM. Do not eat anything till 12 PM. 

Try taking steam either with haldi (turmeric Raw or powdered) or with ajwain (carom/caraway seeds). Best is to take two-three times alternating with haldi and ajwain.

Try to rest till 12 PM. 

I hope you will recover this way the fastest.

11:39 AM | 13-02-2019

Your body is busy throwing out toxins. If you are not hungry, just sip some warm water and take rest. On hunger, you can start with coconut water or diluted fruit juice and then move on to juicy fruits.

08:10 AM | 16-01-2019

You could try gargling with lukewarm, salt water. I have found it to be very effective even during severe throat pain. You could do it 2-3 times a day, especially before going to bed and first thing in the morning.

Also, for overall healing increase raw intake of food, in form of fruits and vegetable juices, raw vegetable salads etc.  This will help the body cleanse well. Try to avoid dairy, non-veg and grains, these are heavy digesting, and squander a lot of body’s vital energy.  Try to incorporate as much raw as possible and if you have a craving for cooked food you could also try sipping on warm vegetable soups - is very soothing for the throat and nourishing for the body!

08:10 AM | 16-01-2019

Keep a warm towel on the throat. take kada of pan ka patta. Boil pan patta in water. And sip after intervals.

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