11:15 AM | 17-01-2019

Which juicer or mixer to buy? I am confused!

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3 Answers

11:19 AM | 17-01-2019

Hello everyone here are a few pointers to help make decision about juicers:

  • You can very well make juices in regular mixie.  You may have to sieve your juice, but it is still the best way to make use of all the fiber (as you have a choice to retain the fiber and/ or not sieve at all)

  • Decision to move to high-end mixers and juicers should be step 2, not step 1. Ideally be made later in wellness journey.  First inculcate the habit, then upgrade the juicer/ mixer. Many on this group will vouch for this experience.

  • A regular mixer can do everything – nutmilks, chutneys, juices etc.  – just about every function. Many of us (including me) realized this after having invested in expensive equipment which we ended up not using.

  • Better to go for blenders / mixers which have different jars for different purpose, rather than one equipment for each need and adding to clutter in your kitchen and feeling of being overwhelmed.

  • In terms of mixer brands Sujata and Vitamix are usually preferred choices. Sujata ofcourse is cheaper.  Sujata also has a very strong horsepower.

  • Nutribullet – great too.  Is used by many professionals in cooking workshops.  Great thing to have if you travel around a lot. But then the jar is small.  Its sufficient for 2 users. And many will find the inverted lock system annoying.

  • Most juicers – are expensive and in the range of 11-13k.  One more reason to stick to regular mixer and blenders!

In summary: Don’t fret a lot about the machine.  The equipment wont make the process a regular habit, instead a regular habit will ensure you get the most out of your equipment! ☺

12:34 PM | 17-01-2019

We use Sujata Dynamix 900 (watt). Anything below 900 watt will not perform well for those who need their daily dosage of smoothies, nutmilks and butters.

Nutribullet is no doubt best since it can liquefy literally anything (even tree barks) owing to it's high RPM. For those who intend to have green-leaves juice, it is very important to liquefy leaves. Only when the cellulose structure of leaves (which otherwise looks very delicate) is ruptured, can one get total nutrition out of their green-leaves juice. 


11:19 AM | 17-01-2019

 I think the middle range one in nutribullet 12k should be good enough.  If interested in smoothies take nutribullet 900.

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