05:54 AM | 19-01-2019

Can my diet have an impact on my Virtigo episodes?

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3 Answers

08:28 AM | 20-01-2019

Thanks for your question!

Let us understand what is vertigo, first!

It is a sense of loss of balance. Commonly known as giddiness, also!

Why do we lose balance?

Balance is an effect of free flow of blood within the body. If the FREE FLOW is obstructed, the balance may get affected.

How the free flow of the blood gets affect in the body?

If the blood is toxin-laden, its flow is affected.

The toxins is retained in the blood, when it is not eliminated on a regular basis.

The toxin elimination gets affected due to lack of conserved VITALITY within the body.

We have defined quantum of VITALITY, uniquely, within the body.

If we overspend our VITALITY, we lose the QUOTA OF CONSERVED VITALITY within the body.

This state is called ENERVATED STATE.

In enervated state, our elimination gets affected.

When we adopt CONSISTENT CONSERVATION OF VITALITY, our elimination gets restored.

Blood gets purified, then.

Vertigo goes away, then!

THE CONSISTENT VITALITY CONSERVATION happens through these lifestyle choices, on a regular basis:




Hence yes, your diet is an important part in this process.

Consumption of more and more fruits will restore the VITALITY CONSERVATION, to start with.

Thank you...

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10:13 PM | 20-01-2019

First of all, Vertigo is a symptom and not a condition. It is a sensation of losing balance. It is often a presenting symptom of an underlying condition. Attacks of vertigo can develop suddenly and last for a few seconds or longer.

I had my first episode at the age of 35 years and it lasted few days. I could not figure what it was. I went to a Neurologist, got my Sodium levels and many other things checked and then went on to self help that is Google Baba.

After extensive research I found out that Virtigos could be 2 types that is

  1. Peripheral vertigo caused by problems with the balance mechanisms of the inner ear (most common)- causes could be several.
  2. Central vertigo caused by problems in part of your brain or nervous system.

Mine was perhaps an issue relating to inner ear balance as the all the checks done by Neurologists did not point anything unusual with my nervous system.  It could have been perhaps either to do with Calcium Carbonate deposit or fluid balance in inner ear or even sudden head movements, I would never know but I tried few things which helped me with the discomfort relating to  associated symptoms. I had 1-2 very short episodes in the last decade again but now I know, how to deal with it immediately.  

1. Diet Change :

  • Move on to more of raw fruits and vegetables diet or alkaline diet. 
  • Avoid consuming fluids that contain high sugar concentrated drinks and soda.
  • Caffeine intake: Caffeine is present in coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks and colas. It may increase the ringing sensation in the ear of the person who has vertigo issues. Give it up completely when having an episode.
  • Reduce my salt intake to decrease the amount of retained body fluid volume which could accumulate in the inner ear. Food rich in sodium like soy sauce, chips, popcorn, cheese, pickles, papad and canned foods can be avoided. Excess salt intake causes retention of excess fluid in the body affecting the fluid balance and pressure.
  • Smoking and drinking: While it was not relevant in my case, I am told Nicotine intake or Smoking also can trigger Virtigo episodes. Nicotine is known to constrict the blood vessels which reduces blood flow to the brain. Alcohol also adversely affects the body metabolism, dehydrates the body, and its metabolites are harmful to the inner ear and the brain. It may also aggravate vertigo by altering the inner ear fluid dynamics. Wine is a known trigger of migraine attacks.

2. Simple positional excercises which can be found on net or can be learnt with any physical therapist. One could try checking out :4 Vertigo Maneuvers: Epley, Semont, Foster, and Brandt-Daroff

Both these interventions, diet change and excercises help in curating Virtigo within a day or two. 


10:11 PM | 20-01-2019

Hi there... I will share my experience here. In my case vertigo vanished in a few months that I changed my lifestyle especially what n when I was eating 
I always thought I was a moderate eater; but I had long working hours. Increasingly over the years I would fall sick very often with severe tonsillitis and frequent upset stomach. 
Then I developed cervical spondylitis and episodes of vertigo began. My soultion to all of this was take medicines
 I did incorporate yoga and it helped the pain but vertigo continued. 
Interestingly I never thought any of this was co-related
My journey in natural health began by chance; as I switched to a plant based diet,  my body responded with immediate turnaround! 
In a few months all my episodes of above ailments just vanished! 
The key changes were as follows:
Moving to plant based foods - more natural whole foods comprising of fruits veggies nuts n sprouts
I gave up milk (I think that is the game changer) 
Started eating as per circadian rythm and in right food combinations 
(You can really articles on this platform to understand these concepts) 
I also focussed on my sleep - sleeping early taking in sun n fresh air -- step by step changes 

Over the years I have had one or two episodes of vertigo -- now I listen to my body and know it's a signal to 'rebalance' my lifestyle 

Make an overall change and you will come out of it too! 

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