06:32 PM | 28-08-2018

On days when one is feeling sapped of energy but has to be out, what to do about it?

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5 Answers

01:26 PM | 19-11-2018

Low energy is a sign to provide rest to body, in all 3 aspects, mental, digestive and physical.

If you are not able to physically, rest, allow yourself some deep breaths whenever you can. If travelling, see if you can catch some snooze on the way (while in cabs or trains). Food wise, make fruits your best friend, especially bananas, have loads of it whenever you feel dip in energy. They are easy to digest. Do not demand energy from an already depleted body, and in turn provide quick energy.

01:25 PM | 19-11-2018

Contrary to what you may think, having cooked foods heavy in grains or dairy or non-veg will only demand more energy to digest.  So food wise keep it simple, if possible have ample raw salads, or steamed veggies, or potatoes based food only. Though best is to keep to bananas and fruits.

01:25 PM | 19-11-2018

Soaked or dry dates help a fatigued body.

02:14 PM | 06-09-2018

Body sends a signal of low energy, low appetite when it wants to conserve energy.

Avoid foods that block the blood - these include, wheat, dairy, refined sugar, iodized salt and fried foods. 
When thirsty chew on a fruit, raw veggie or soaked dry fruits.

04:18 PM | 03-09-2018

Focus on the fact that you keep your day as simple as possible and this too shall pass. Have gratitude for the day. Have loads of fruits as they will give you good energy. If music is something you like , shut your eyes and sit for 5 mins and just breathe. Focus on your breathing and then just get on with the day.  

For building some energy levels, in little water add date paste, ginger lime & chia seeds (or sabza) drink this all day to boost energy levels

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