10:15 AM | 14-05-2019

Hi! Can anyone suggest a tested recipe for making a good hair oil at home? I am facing hair issues – dandruff & hair fall. Have tried different oils from the market, nothing works!

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12 Answers

08:57 PM | 20-05-2019

You can add curry leaves added to pulp for better results

09:21 AM | 30-05-2019

Dandruff and hair fall can be controlled using this technique . In a 400ml of oil mixture containing 70% mustard oil and 30% sesame oil ,add small pieces of amla(100g) and dried Acacia Concinna ( shikakai) 100g. Heat this mixture for 15-20 min. Lastly filter the oil and apply it a night before head wash . You will definitely get better results in 3-4 weeks. 
As an adjunct to this therapy you can soak dried shikakai powder in minute quantity of water and in similar manner apply to hairs , this will strengthen your hair. 

09:42 AM | 30-05-2019

1)Onion and onion root extract is very beneficial for hair health.
2)Amla or Indian gooseberry is very effective.

Alternatively once a week you can apply juice of onion to your hair,and wash it off after 30-45 minutes.

Dr.Arnold Fernandes(PT)

09:23 AM | 30-05-2019

Use pure coconut oil 1 cup add olive oil 1 cup and 1 spoon castor oil 
1st heat coconut oil with curry leaves for 3-4 min then let it cool to room temperature 
Then add olive oil and castor oil to it. Use this mixture daily for 1month you can see the difference. 


09:43 AM | 30-05-2019

1. Best way to remove dandruff wash hair with cold water(temperature shld be less than of warm water when touched) 

2. dont use concentrated shampoo directly on head. dilute first in water then put on scalp... use mild shampoo Try using Soap nut if you like 

3. Hard water causes most of time this problem. 

4. Fresh Aloe vera or u can buy gel apply that on scalp leave it for 30 mins to hr ... do hair wash (This worked for me .. Had very bad hair fall of hair due to change of place )  I did this twice in week. slowly hairfall has reduced. Yes i trimmed my hair too and please add vitamin e in your oil. That helps too

5. U can use Kalonji oil for your hair.

Anonymous User
05:29 PM | 29-05-2019

The kind of oil you are using is not the main issue for dandruff and hairfall. In fact the kind of care you give to your hair is of much concern, for example how often you wash them, for how much time you let the oil sit in your hair.
Use coconut oil with bhringraj extract. Apply it before 2 hours from washing your hair or the night before the day you are going to wash them. Use aloevera gel instead of serums. Wash your hair after 2 days at max. Works best!

11:41 AM | 23-05-2019

Use pure coconut oil that should be crished naturally from pure dried coconut. Also take the same oil 5ml internal also. It will get digeted in your mouth itself. The important thing is you should not get stressed. For that love yourself and be happy with your family and frieds. Dont use mobile continuously, Take good balanced diet with more vegetables, greens and fruits. Curry leaves and Moringa leaves soup supports you a lot. Do not go for any medicines or oil available in the market. Regards, Dr.K.K

08:57 PM | 20-05-2019

Take 1litre of virgin coconut oil,fresh pulp of aloe Vera 250 gram,250  litre fresh Amla juice,3-4 hibiscus flowers.blend n keep in slow fire till the it turns only oil remain , strain n store in blue coloured glass bottle in sunlight for 30-40 days on wooden plank,you should not put oil more than half bottle n daily shake clean the bottle daily from outside for better penetration of sunlight.You can use without sunlight also.But you should take lots of alkaline diet ,with plenty of fresh fruits, Vegetables  n their juices and honey . Specially amla juice must be added in every juice .If no fresh Amla not available that daily soak dry amla pieces n take the water twice a day,for excellent results.

12:19 PM | 07-02-2019

Castor oil is supposed to be good for hair fall and growth. As it is very viscose, you could try mixing some part of castor oil with your regular oil and apply at least twice a week.

10:10 AM | 18-02-2019

If you are going through a detox then hair fall is also natural. If you are not on a healthy lifestyle then causes for hair fall must be some underlying symptom. No hair oil can fix an underlying problem. Attack the root cause of issues and try to ponder on why hair is falling in the first place. Since the body is complex and is a black box, human beings usually can’t pinpoint the exact reason for hair fall. However, what is a sure shot way to lead you to heal in the long term is healthy raw food eating habits like fruits veggies and greens and going on a high raw, low-fat diet. Keeping your body free of grease can do wonders. Externally while you detox, it’s best not to use any chemicals for your hair. Try this hair wash that I have been using and many have tried .. I have created this more than a year back and we use it for every single wash. The essential oils in the recipe will also keep your hair oily and u don’t need to even apply oil for the week. That’s my experience. I am in such a state of detox that even extra oil on my head starts to itch. The oil from the lemons and the essential oil is good enough for the week. I feel healthy scalp wise.  


12:18 PM | 07-02-2019

Hi! I can share one recipe that I tried. It’s very simple to make and found it extremely effective for hair fall. Steps as follows:

  1. You will need - 1 tsp each of amla powder, methi seeds, white sesame seeds and kalonji (onion seeds), coconut oil & castor oil. Grind the methi seeds, sesame seeds and kalonji to make a fine powder.

  2. Take about 150 ml coconut oil in a glass bottle and add the powder prepared in step 1.

  3. Now add 2 tsp of amla powder and 2 tsp of castor oil. Mix thoroughly.

  4. Now, cap the bottle and keep it in sunlight for seven days. Every morning keep it out in the sun, till the evening. Each day make sure to shake the bottle nicely. Sunlight helps infuse all the ingredients into the oil.

12:19 PM | 07-02-2019

My mother makes coconut oil with curry leaves and amla. She simply takes about 500 ml coconut oil in one go and puts it to boil along with amla pieces and curry leaves.

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