11:30 AM | 13-05-2019

How to get rid of hair lice? I don't want to use medicated shampoos.

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4 Answers
Anonymous User
07:32 AM | 30-04-2019

Paste of sitaphal seeds with coconut oil also helps especially for lice’s eggs. At night, Apply, cover your head nicely with a cloth. In the morning you will find the dead ones on the wrapped cloth. 

12:27 PM | 25-04-2019

I remember reading about Neem Shampoo as well! You could try one from a good organic brand. But you may have to use a simultaneous treatment to combat the dryness that may be caused because of neem shampoo.


02:38 PM | 22-04-2019

You could try applying neem oil. It is very effective to get rid if hair lice. Apply generously, leave for about an hour or two and then use a fine-combed tooth to remove lice. 

09:32 PM | 15-04-2019

I remember when I was a child, we had not even heard of special shampoos for hair lice. Whenever I managed to get lice in my hair, my mother would wet my hair and use a fine-toothed comb to remove the lice. I think that is a much better option than using harsh chemicals. Though it is a little time-consuming.

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