06:40 PM | 28-08-2018

Hi! I have completed 15 weeks of pregnancy and am currently struggling with very heavy constipation. It gets particularly challenging at night. What can i do to get relief?

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2 Answers

11:48 AM | 19-11-2018

Reduce your milk intake and grains intake.  They both are hugely constipating. Instead add more nuts such as sesame seeds, peanuts, almonds etc. Eat a lot of soaked dry fruits, and regular fruits durng morning and evening.

Try adding veg juice to your meals. You can have them about an hour before your meals. This should help too.

11:35 AM | 04-09-2018

Constipation is an indicator that the food material needed by the body is not enough. Increase the consumption of soaked dry fruits. Add chutneys in your meals. Put beet root in your raw veg juice and add some lightly steamed bhindi in your meals.

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