05:21 PM | 30-05-2019

Since students studying in college may not be able to fit a proper diet with all nutrients into their hectic schedules, how can college students include important nutrients in their diets on an everyday basis?

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7 Answers

10:54 PM | 30-05-2019

I understand the hectic schedules. The best to follow are as below. These are the basics and beyond that it’s  a bonus 

1) Stay away from diary, meat, eggs, fish, sugar, chips and packaged foods that college kids are so used to snacking. It definitely adds to the peer pressure, but it’s best for the mom to make home made baked potatoes, vegan pizzas with cashew cheese etc to meet those demands. 

2) We are sure they have breakfast daily at home. Perhaps they can start with a combo of cooked plus fruits and slowly increase the fruits to make only fruits as the main breakfast 

Beyond this everything else is a bonus.

10:52 PM | 30-05-2019

*Even with a hectic schedule it is always advisable to consume a good healthy balanced diet.
1)Always carry easy to pack food-like a handful of almonds, pistachios,cashew,raisins peanuts and other nuts and dry fruits.
2)Whole fruits(not cut)are a great idea as food on the go.
3)During meal time try to include all macronutrients and micronutrients,by having a balanced meal full of carbohydrates, proteins,fats, vitamins and minerals.
4)Keep yourself well hydrated,advisable to carry a copper bottle.
5)Soy milk is a good source of protein,to consume once a day.

Dr.Arnold Fernandes(PT)

06:15 PM | 06-06-2019

I am a college student and I have gone through the same hectic schedule and my health had been affected by it. I followed these simple methods to become healthy again.
1)Drink plenty of water. In summer make sure you carry at least two water bottles. Flushing out the unnecessary toxins from our body is very important.
2)Avoid canteen or hotel food at the most if you can. A home cooked meal with Vegetables is best to stay healthy.
3)During the tea breaks in college, restrict from eating junk food or biscuits and eat fruits and drink a fresh juice even during the hectic schedules. Never skip breakfast since it helps you thrive throughout the day.
These tips helped me to regain my Health and I hope it does for you too.

09:11 AM | 31-05-2019

The schedule for college student is indeed very hectic. But we can make the nutrient intake by taking the packed lunch along because college hours are generally pretty long. Due to the long duration, the students often munch on junk food or the unhygienically prepared food available in the canteen.
To minimise this, the students must themselves ensure that instead of chips, samose,etc. They have whole fruits. Instead of carbonated beverages like Pepsi, sodas,etc.
They must drink fresh coconut water, fresh juices and shakes to keep them hydrated in the long run

03:04 PM | 06-06-2019

Let them eat nature's fast foods.. i.e fruits, fresh fruit juices and the like. Roadside vendors also sell boiled corn, peanuts, guavas, fruit bowls etc which are way healthier than other cooked foods. Evenings are the times for binging, so a small mixed box of soaked nuts and raisins will see them through till they reach home. Dinner should be simple home cooked food with a salad.

Meat, eggs, dairy products, heavy processed foods should be avoided. Days of eating out if any should be balanced with fasting or fruit days.

10:53 PM | 30-05-2019

The kids could start their day with fresh seasonal juicy fruits. And have salads with plenty of greens and a small amount of seeds and nuts in it. The lunch could be home cooked food, that is convenient. This way they can get enough of nutrients they would need in a day. The fruits and vegetables quantities must be large, though. 

Stay healthy and stay happy always 

Swati Dhariwal 


09:00 PM | 06-06-2019

Being a college student, I can understand how hectic the schedule is and it often leads dietary changes which are harmful to health. I have experienced it this year, with addition of unhealthy food items in my daily diet and substituting meals with packaged items.
Though later on,I decided to schedule my diet so as to include nutritious items in my meals.
1) In the morning before leaving my home, I had an apple and a glass of homemade orange juice, which can be easily made by squeezing 3 oranges. 
2) I carried with me some papaya or watermelon for eating in the short break in between the classes. Boiled corns are also a healthy choice and easy to take with you wherever you go.
3) my evenings would comprise of cucumber, beetroot and tomatoes or some sprouts as a small snack.


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