11:04 AM | 09-02-2021

Hi! My self Amandeep Kaur, my age is 33, mere nails me se dard hota hai boht teekhi si pain hoti hai kyi bar.. Kbi kisi nail me se to kabhi kisi. Na to koi chot hai na hi kuchh aur. Plz help me to find out yeh kyu ho ra?

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02:59 PM | 11-02-2021

Hello, Amandeep

In my opinion, you should work on one-on-one with a Naturopathic physician to find out the root cause, you can work virtually with anyone on the panel.

Your pain can be because of any one of the listed problems. Since when the pain is present?

  • If it is recent then infection and ingrown nail is suspected
  • Experiencing pain around your fingernails is usually a sign of irritation or infection (if redness and swelling is present)
  • Psoriasis, eczema, ingrown nails are also some other common reasons
  • If you are feeling tingling like pain then the pain can be related to the nerve. (this is something we can suspect if you are having diabetes)

General home remedies to reduce pain –

  1. Put 2 tablespoon Epsom salt in warm water and dip your hand for 10 – 15 minutes once a day
  2. Apply ice twice daily
  3. If an infection is suspected – apply turmeric and neem paste

Make sure you check in with a physician to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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