04:23 PM | 18-02-2021

What are the smart hacks that could help in adopting natural health lifestyle in a bit easier way? Like many people are not able to leave milk tea or eat raw fruits and veggies easily. What steps can help people with a bit weaker will power.

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2 Answers

03:59 AM | 21-02-2021
  • One can either switch to green tea or to black tea if possible, if not possible there are many alternative plant-based milks available like almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, flax milk, etc.
  • Tea combination of coconut and almond tastes the best. You need to be careful of the amount of tea leaves put for the chai as it demands lesser tea leaves than dairy chai.
  • Raw vegetables can be consumed easily by shredding, fruits can be chopped into small sizes to chew with ease. vegetables and fruits should be consumed as soon as they are cut because nutrients get lost as soon as they are cut and exposed to air.

Other simple healthy hacks –

  1. Rather than changing your whole life in a single day, make small -small goals each day and stick to them for at least 28 days
  2. Look for healthy swaps like roasted makhana, roasted chickpea, roasted soybean instead of packed namkeen, chips and other deep-fried items
  3. Engage in healthy group activities – Anything performed in group is always fun and engaging psychologically and socially. So, try to get into walking, cycling, badminton, any other sport of choice and healthy eating habits with family, friends, colleagues together.
  4. Be persistent - make achievable health goals, It will keep you motivated.
  5. Enjoy the journey - It is important to enjoy the journey rather than beating yourself up for it. If you enjoy something it is more likely you will stick with it for a long time.

All the best for your journey


Dr. Stuti Gupta

03:58 AM | 21-02-2021

To start with we can just avoid milk tea till 12 noon and for that morning milk tea habit we can take any herbal tea. (The recipes for herbal tea are in abundance on wellcure itself).

Next take any kind of fruit or a glass of fruit smoothie before your normal breakfast and gradually one can shift.

For including vegetables eating a nice bowl of salad before or even with your lunch and dinner will help.

 We dont have to always take a big leap even small steps can be of great help and in the scenario where one finds it difficult one can just keep adding each step on weekly basis also.

I hope it helps Sumeet

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