12:22 PM | 22-02-2021

How to make chemicals free body wash, shampoo and face wash?

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2 Answers

11:17 AM | 26-02-2021

Hello user,

Here is the recipe for natural bath powder that you make easily at home and it is completely natural.


Instead of shampoo, for washing your hair naturally, black mud is the best replacement for washing your hairs.
Or you can also use a mixture of reetha and amla. This will also give a lusture to your hairs.

For washing your face.
Take a spoon of besan and mix some plant-based milk in it to make a thick paste and use it to wash your face.

Hope you will like all the natural replacements.

Thank you 

12:40 PM | 22-02-2021


Thanks for sharing your query with us! You can checkout some DIY Cosmetics recipes on our website.

You can learn many more natural skincare & haircare products in our upcoming Natural Bealty Workshop by Natural Beauty & Wellness Coach Sunmeet T Marwah. 

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  • Vanilla Lip balm

  • Black sesame and rose petals body massage  oil

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