06:53 PM | 28-08-2018

Hi! Henna is making my hair dry. What can I do?

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6 Answers

11:17 AM | 19-11-2018

You can assess if you are letting the mix dry on your hair for too long.  Longer it is on hair longer it can dry up your hair. So 2-3 hours is ideal.

05:28 PM | 03-03-2021

Hi do note that adding anything in the henna, may interefere with the colouring, so you may have to do trial and error.  Do not add lemon juice.  In my experience even yougurt left too long on hair intereferes with the colour or the acidic nature, makes my scalp more itchy.

You can use flax seeds boiled in water.  Do not add the flaxseeds, just the gelatanious water.  Do not heat it for too long else it would be hard to apply.  But this adds moisture without leaving the hair dry or interfering with the dyeing. So for better softness you can use flax seeds for hair.

05:24 PM | 03-03-2021

Hi! My mom in law is quite a fan of henna.  Infact she doesn’t use shampoo. Just uses a mix of Henna + egg + coffee twice a week.

Ensure you are putting an egg.  You could various other combination instead of water. For eg aloe vera gel or hibiscus leaves (churned in a mixies with just a bit of water)

Try these and see if they help with the dryness of hair and scalp.

Alternately, you could do conditioning with banana/ papaya / aloe vera or coconut milk // hibiscus post the wash.

I also used flax seed gel (2 tsp of flax seed boiled in 2 cups of water).  Strain the flaxseed and use this gel to mix the henna. In my case this worked the best.  No itchiness or dryness when I used this.

So overall I can say that you can use flaxseed for hair.

11:16 AM | 19-11-2018

Hi, natural hair colors do have a tendency to make the hair dry. Ofcourse chemicals hair colors do same and infact much more damage!

Infact in case of henna its not the product as such, but what happens to the structure of hair that makes you feel that henna dries it up.

Here is a good article to know why that may happen https://www.stylecraze.com/articles/henna-for-hair/#gref

Interestingly, natural hair colours make the hair softer only after 3-4 days.

An ideal way to put henna would be, oil your hair after you do the henna. Do not mix oil in the henna.

So apply the henna.  Add the indigo towards the end.  Adjust proportions to see if that what makes it better. Then wash off the henna with regular water. Do not shampoo.  Oil hair well and steam it definitely to ensure oil gets into the hair.  Shampoo – try and use mild shampoos. Interestingly many chemical based shampoos do not go too well with henna and could be causing the dryness.

Usually I get henna applied at home. Then next day is head massage day at the parlour! This works much better. If I apply henna and wash it with shampoo, my scalp gets very itchy.

This needs a bit of trial and error! All the best!

11:15 AM | 19-11-2018

Add curd to your mix.  Don’t add oil. You can also add some egg or coconut milk to it for combatting the dryness.

11:18 AM | 20-09-2018

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