12:49 PM | 07-05-2021

Hello, I'm aligned with nature cure but with the current covid situation, the peer pressure of taking the vaccine is very high. How do you as a Nature Cure practitioner maneuver this with friends, family, colleagues?

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03:35 PM | 10-05-2021

Hello Deepa,

It is good that you are aligned with nature cure. Our body is also a part of the nature and vaccination develops our body's immunity by activating our own body's mechanism. 

Any vaccine is prepared with the weak antigens or dead antigens of the disease for which it is getting prepared. The same is the preparation method of vaccine for the Corona virus. 

When the vaccine is injected, the weak or dead antigens are injected in the body. In response to these antigens, the immune system of our body get activated and produce antibodies to fight against those antigens. Fever, body pain, etc after the vaccination indicates that the immune system of the body is responding against the antigens and the antibodies are getting prepared. When these antibodies are prepared in the body, our body become more responsive when it encounters the infection. Hence, the vaccine helps to improve the immune system of the body against the particular disease.

Thank you 

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