09:14 PM | 31-07-2021

Hello sir how can I unblock my arteries of heart as I have heart blockage of 65% by following a plant based diet and change in lifestyle!!

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09:06 PM | 11-08-2021

Hello User,

Heart blockage is a reaction to the long-term effects of a sedentary lifestyle and being exposed to food that is high in fats and complex in nature which our body is not able to digest. That is why it is time to eat food that is light in nature.

So, by taking steps in all the ways like sleep, meditations and diet, you can treat the same. It is time to make changes in the diet and adapt an overall naturalistic lifestyle. A holistic measure is the only way you can treat this thing completely.


The first thing in the morning is to start your day with something light in nature and easy to digest.This is what your breakfast should be because they are the kind of nutrients that get absorbed easily. Even the early morning ritual should include the consumption of two-three glasses of warm water will help in flushing out all the toxins. The ideal diet would be to depend on fruits and raw vegetable intake and refrain from something which is oil-based. Have fruit salad in the afternoon time and vegetable salad as an evening snack this will be light on your stomach.

  • Take a raw garlic clove two hours after your afternoon meal, in order to function the heart effectively.
  • One teaspoon of Methi seeds with one glass of warm water empty stomach in the morning.
  • Have bottle guard and ginger juice in your breakfast. They will definitely help in reducing heart blockage effectively.


  • Pranayam helps in detoxifying the body, practising it early morning in an area that has good sunlight will help in improving blood circulation with reduction of blockage.
  • Suryanamaskar-daily 12 sets will help in increasing the blood circulation of your body.
  • Chakrasana and Pashchimottanasana have been found to be very helpful in increasing blood circulation. Practice them after the session of suryanamaskar by holding the pose for 15-20 seconds, under the guidance of an expert.


In any kind of disease, stress comes complementary to it, but with our assurance and positive attitude, we can treat anything. The best thing to start with is breathing mindfully before sleep with the help of music to stay positive. Use a 15-minute relaxation technique before sleep. By hearing a piece of soothing music and deep breathing will help in relaxing your mind.

A positive attitude will help you to deal with everything in life.


Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is really helpful in dealing with any problem. Sleep is our body's natural response and helps the body to heal. Sleep relaxes the muscles and strengthens our body. During sleep, our body goes into a repair mechanism where it heals thy self.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you.

Thank you.

12:02 PM | 23-08-2021

Hello User,

Heart blockage is the result of long term high cholesterol levels. Cholesterol is a substance that is present in our blood and is needed for the formation of healthy cells. But when the level of cholesterol increases beyond the normal values then it may lead to health issues. The excessive cholesterol may get deposited in the blood vessels which results in narrowing their lumen and hence in the blockages.

Reasons for high cholesterol: 

  • A sedentary lifestyle. 
  • It may be inherited also.
  • Having fatty foods. 
  • Smoking.
  • Diabetes. 
  • Lack of exercise. 
  • Obesity. 
  • Stress.

Diet to follow:

  • Have a low fat and a low salt diet that includes fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables. 
  • Have apples, grapes, strawberries as they are rich in pectin and helps to lower the LDL.
  • Include soybeans in your diet as they also help in lowering cholesterol. 
  • Include nuts, beans, sprouts, salads to your diet. 
  • Have whole grains like barley, millets, oats.
  • Have okra as it has soluble fiber.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water during the day.

Foods to avoid:

  • Avoid sugar and sugary foods. 
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Avoid oily and spicy food items. 
  • Avoid processed foods and packaged foods. 
  • Avoid tea and coffee. 
  • Avoid carbonated drinks.
  • Avoid fatty foods.

Physical activity:

Performing physical activity is also important for maintaining normal level of cholesterol. It may in the form of yoga, exercise or any sports. 

  • Start your morning with a short morning walk or jogging for atleast 30 minutes. 
  • Do plank for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Do 12 sets of suryanamaskar daily. 
  • Do bhujanga asana, paschimottan asana, gomukha asana, sarvanga asana, padahasta asana daily (under expert guidance)
  • Do kapalbhati pranayam. 
  • Take walks after every meal, for 15 minutes.


  • Sleep is also important for the body and mind. It provides rest to the body and mind and also bursts all the stress.
  • Sleep for atleast 7-8hours daily. 
  • Sleep early at night at around 10 pm and also wake up early in the morning at around 6 am. 
  • Avoid using any electronic devices 1hour before sleeping for having a good quality sleep. 

Thank you 

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