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How to replenish Vitamin B12 with raw vegan diet?

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2 Answers

11:59 AM | 23-11-2021

Hello User, 

Due to regular consumption of a high-fat diet, the basic nutrients get difficult to absorb. The best thing is to keep your eating habits fixed, and the food, light in nature in order for the nutrients to get completely absorbed in the body. These are some guidelines that will help you deal with deficiency problems in an effective manner. 


Start your day with something light in nature and easy to digest. Your breakfast should be of the kind of nutrients that get absorbed easily. Even the early morning ritual should include the consumption of two-three glasses of warm water will help in flushing out all the toxins. The next thing is including a fiber-rich food item that helps in adding bulk to the stools, for example having apples, bananas, nuts, etc. which has a good amount of fiber in them.

Seeds are a good source of vitamins. Flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds are easily available. In the evenings, one tablespoon of chia seeds soaked in water with one tablespoon of lemon juice will be a rich combination for vitamin absorption.


  • A brisk walk in early morning sun from 30-45 minutes helps in treating your body to its level best. Sun is a great source of Vitamin D which will also help us effectively in absorbing nutrients in the body that is why walking in the sun and connecting with the sun also help in activating our cells and rejuvenating us for the whole day.


In any kind of disease, stress comes complementary to it. But with our assurance and positive attitude, we can treat anything. The best thing to start with is breathing mindfully before sleep with the help of music to stay positive.

A positive attitude will help you to deal with everything in life.


Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is really helpful in dealing with any problem, sleep is our body's natural response and helps the body to heal. Sleep relaxes the muscles and strengthens our bodies.

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you

Thank you.

12:02 PM | 22-11-2021

Hello Gopi,

Vitamin deficiency means you are not getting enough vitamins to stay healthy.
Vitamin B12 is also necessary for the body as it also has its own importance. It helps to make your DNA and red blood cells. And you have to take Vitamin B12 on a regular basis as the body doesn't store it for long.


You can get Vitamins in the following ways

Start the day with 3 to 4 glasses of warm water to flush out the toxins from your body.

Have cereals in your breakfast. Breakfast cereals will help the body to get Vitamin D.

Have orange juice.

Include soy drinks in your diet.

Take sufficient sunlight.

Have plant-based yoghurt for vitamin B12.

Also include sprouts, nuts, beans and salads in your diet.


Sometimes vitamin and mineral deficiency may also result due to the inability of the body to absorb the vitamins as in malabsorption syndrome. Yoga and exercise will help the body to absorb the nutrients efficiently. 

  • Take short walks after every meal.
  • Perform kapalbhati pranayam. 
  • Perform tada asana, vriksha asana, trikona asana and padahasta asana.
  • Do 10 to 12 sets of suryanamaskar daily. 


Sleep is also important for the proper functioning of the body. So, take proper sleep of at least 7-8hours daily. Sleep early at night and also wake up early in the morning. 

Avoid using electronic devices 1hour before sleeping for a good quality sleep. 

Thank you 

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