04:52 PM | 09-12-2021

Hi, right ovary ms 32 x 31 mm & shows evidence of a cyst ms 22 x 23mm. To septation Endomtrial thickness: 5. 8 mm endometrial echoes are normal. Cavity is empty. Endometrial thickness 5. 8mm Diffuse fatty liver grade 2 Is that curable naturally or any treatment

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11:12 AM | 17-01-2022

Hello User,

Cysts development in the ovaries is a condition known as Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It is a hormonal disorder which is common in women of reproductive age. Women suffering from PCOS may have prolonged menstrual periods or infrequent periods.
The exact cause of PCOS is not known. However, Obese women and women having a family history of PCOS are more prone to this disorder. 

Diet to follow- 

  • Eating processed and preserved foods may contribute to inflammation and insulin resistance. So, avoid processed, preserved and packaged foods. 
  • Add fruits, legumes and vegetables in your diet. 
  • Eat nuts, sprouts and soaked raisins in the morning. 
  • Add iron-rich foods like broccoli, spinach to your diet.
  • Have magnesium-rich foods like almonds, cashews and bananas.
  • Include turmeric and cinnamon in your diet. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and cinnamon has positive effects on insulin resistance. 
  • Avoid caffeine. 
  • Avoid carbonated drinks. 
  • Say no to alcohol, tobacco. 
  • Avoid dairy products and animal products. 


Doing yoga is very beneficial for PCOS.

  • Perform bhujanga asana, vriksha asana and padahasta asana. 
  • Do pranayam regularly specially anulom-vilom pranayam. 
  • Take sunrays regularly in the morning for at least 20min. 


Sleeping pattern is very essential for a healthy hormonal balance. Hence, take proper sleep of at least 7-8 hours daily. Sleep early at night and also wake up early in the morning. 

Thank you

05:04 PM | 09-12-2021

Namaste. Cysts are a manifestation of toxemia in the body. The natural way of getting rid of cysts is by adopting a clean diet & lifestyle. If you are under any excrutiating pain, pls consult your gynecologist. Else you can subscribe to our detox program. The same will also help you in overcoming fatty liver issues. You can see program details by clicking here

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