09:31 AM | 16-08-2022

Blood in stool cure?

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10:23 PM | 21-08-2022


Thank you for sharing your concern with us, Blood in stool indicates there is some bleeding or inflammation in your digestive tract. As per Nature Cure, Inflammation in body occurs due to toxic ​​​​​​overload. Some toxins are added to the body as a byproduct of metabolic activity and others due to wrong lifestyle choices (like lack of sleep, unnatural food habits, lack of movement, stress etc. Due to insufficient elimination of toxins (via kidneys, skin & lungs) the body gets clogged and the toxins cause inflammation of tissues.

Yes, you can cure this health issue, align your lifestyle as per Natural Laws and you will be surprised to see how beautifully the body heals itself. You can also explore our Natural Health Coaching Program that can help in making the transition, step by step. Our Natural Health Coach will look into your  routine in a comprehensive way and give you an action plan.

While you can read real-life healing stories  of people who healed themselves just by following Natural Laws. 

Wishing you good health

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