12:10 PM | 01-09-2022

I have been diagnosed vth pelvic inflammatory disesase with cervicities!! Even after taking so many courses of antibiotics there is no relief!! Doctors say dis could be the reason for infertility,i am 35 yr old and want to cure from this disesase and go for pregnancy is it possible??

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12:21 PM | 01-09-2022

Hello Disha, 

Thank you for sharing your concern with us, Pelvic inflammatory disease with cervicties, These are inflammatory diseases and Nature Cure identifies the root cause of most diseases as TOXAEMIA - accumulation of toxins within the body.  While some toxins are an output of metabolism, others are added due unnatural lifestyle – wrong food habits, lack of rest, stress etc. If not eliminated, the toxins get build up and cause diseases.

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Meanwhile, We would first like to guide you to read this inspiring story of dealing with infertility issues naturally - My Triumph Over Ulcerative Colitis & Infertility.

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Wishing you good health 

Team Wellcure

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