10:39 AM | 29-10-2022

Hi I am suffering from thyroid and my thyroid gland is swelling.. Any solution for this

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10:39 AM | 29-10-2022

Namaste Gayathri Ji,

As per nature cure, toxic overload is the root cause of all diseases.Toxic overload often leads to hormonal imbalance. Which leads to these issues like thyroid (hypo/hyper). And as per nature care one can reverse this state of imbalance by getting back in sync with the natural laws of living. Artificial hormones or processed foods mainly triggers these type of issues so try to avoid dairy, packaged foods and stick to healthy plant based diet.

As you are experiencing thyroid gland swelling we need a detailed analysis and one on one consultation can help you with the same regard. You can explore our Nature-Nurtures Program that helps you in making the transition, step by step. Our Natural Health Coach will look into your daily routine in a comprehensive way and give you an action plan. She / he will guide you on diet, sleep, exercise, stress to correct your existing routine & make it in line with Natural Laws

For further guidance, you can contact our team member 9630162732 (Sanjana)

In the meantime, please refer to this- Hypo or hyper thyroid - Correct imbalance naturally and explore real-life natural healing stories of people who cured thyroid issues just by following Natural Laws.

Take care!

Team Wellcure

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