01:30 PM | 13-02-2024

I am experiencing severe flaky dandruff in my head, particularly in winter. My hair feels rough & doesn't seem to be growing. Please suggest any solution?

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01:28 PM | 13-02-2024


Thanks for sharing your query with us. We understand your concern as this is a widespread issue owing to increased pollution and chemical-based items used daily.

The first step is to stop using chemical-based shampoos or hair care products & instead adopt a natural routine.You may simply treat dandruff by combining tea tree oil and coconut oil and massaging it into your scalp. Make sure to wash your hair on alternate days to help prevent dermatitis. Use this blend to massage your hair before washing helps in preventing dandruff. 

Our Natural Hair Care Online Programme by Natural Beauty & Wellness Expert provides safe and natural hair care approach to be followed. You can contact our team members for more information: 9630162732 (Sanjana), 844831324 (Vandana)

Wishing you good health

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