09:15 AM | 18-06-2019

My son is 6 years old and he plays outdoor a lot. He enjoys playing various sports. Our family is on vegan diet. I am interested to know the good source of protein and good fat for kids as they are in growing age? Thank you.

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4 Answers

04:31 PM | 18-06-2019

A common concern about vegan diets is that they might lack sufficient protein however this can be managed by including various protein rich sources.
1) Soyabean is a real golden source of protein and tofu too.
2)Lentil are a good source too they can be used in a variety of dishes, ranging from fresh salads to hearty soups and dahls.
3) Chickpeas and variety of beans.
4)Along with that green peas, amaranth which is good source can be taken also chia seeds can be beneficial.
5)Don't forget to include fruits and vegetables.
6)Nuts and oil seeds are important too 
7)Soy milk can be preferred.

04:31 PM | 18-06-2019

A wholesome healthy plant based meal will keep him healthy. Don’t focus on plumping him.  To be Healthy kids an have a plant based lifestyle with a good spread of fruits veggies greens nuts seeds and a gluten-free oilfree cooked meal. Protein is overrated. Body makes proteins from the amino acids that are there ijnthe raw foods. 

05:35 PM | 18-06-2019

How does a gorilla or an elephant grow to their huge sizes? They don't obsess over proteins or fats. Let your child eat a balanced wholesome plant based meal and everything will be good. You can opt to give nut milks, soaked dry fruits and starchy fruits like banana if you are worried. All organisms are programmed to grow by nature.

Nature cure says 50% fruits, 35% veggies, 10% starch, 5% proteins

You can opt to play around with the starch and proteins if your child is highly active.

05:00 PM | 18-06-2019

Hi. I want you read these 2 journeys - 

My athletic journey got wings through whole plant based foods

My fitness journey fuelled by whole plant based raw foods

I’m sure this will answer your question to some extent.

Include sprouts, nuts and seeds in your child’s diet. Sunflower seeds are very protein rich.

01:50 AM | 01-07-2019

Thank you ladies for your replies and it gives a very good information. I totally agree with you but I was forced to post this question as my husband still thinks my son is getting all nutrients since we turned vegan. But I will try to include variety of options you all mentioned above in his food.
Thank you so much.


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