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What is a recipe to heal cellulitis disease?

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12:08 PM | 10-04-2024

Namaste Tanuja!
Thank you for sharing your concern with us. let's understand cellulitis from a Nature Cure perspective. Cellulitis is a type of bacterial infection which affects the skin causing inflammation, redness or pain. The Human Body eliminates waste daily via kidneys, bowel movements, lungs and Skin, but when there's a toxic overload body gets clogged and causes inflammation. There's no standalone recipe to heal cellulitis you have to make a holistic approach and provide the right environment to heal.

Simple ways to heal cellulitis naturally:
1. Apply fresh aloe vera gel: Don't use packaged or bottled gel, if u have aloe vera at home use that wash and remove the yellow part before application.
2. Apply Cool compress: If the affected skin is painful, apply a clean washed cloth and dip it in cold water. Please don't use artificial ice packs, it further irritates the skin.
3. Eat a Clean Diet: Include Vitamin C-rich food in your meal like pineapple, kiwi, apples, and lemon juice. It increases the immunity and helps in fighting the inflammation.

If you need more personal guidance you can come with us for the Holistic Healing coaching program with our Natural Health Expert. Where based on your health condition and lifestyle personalised diet & lifestyle action plans will be provided to you.

Meanwhile, you can read the article on Best natural therapies to heal diseases & Boost health

For queries regarding the program you can contact our teammates: 9238611952 (Sanjana), 9411817885 (Neha)

Wishing you good health


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