07:11 PM | 28-08-2018

I have been feeling very thirsty off late n have been sipping water often. What could be the reason?

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4 Answers

12:07 PM | 16-11-2018

You may notice that sipping only water may not be really quenching your thirst.  Excessive thirst indicates the following:

  • Your ‘energy consumption’ is higher vs. what you are adding to replenish.

  • That your consumption of raw hydrating foods is lower vs. cooked foods that demand more water for digestion

  • That you may be spending a lot of energy through overactive mind, work office stress, anxious emotions etc. This is heating you up

  • That your recharging of the body and cooling down through natural means is on lower side ie through connecting with sunshine, grass fresh air, and nature overall is low.

When excessive thirst strikes best is to up your fruits intake. You can increase this amply and feel the difference. Eat seasonal fruits and a variety. Start your day with good 2-3 rounds of fruits; each time eat till you are full and wait for an hour or so for hunger to strike again then eat another round. Fruits take the least amount of energy to digest and have almost 90% + water content, which is easily absorbed by our bodies so do not undermine this!

Soaking dry fruits and having them is another way of eating fruits and keeping yourself hydrated.

Cut down you tea, coffee, and any other sources of caffeine.  Similarly cut down your packages processed foods drastically which are high on sugar and salt (ie bread, market bought sauces, refined oil, refined flour, refined sugar, table salt etc).

Instead every time you feel thirsty, go for a fruit (Yes, it works!). Only thing you have to remember is to eat the fruit alone either 30-45 minutes before meals or 2 hours after.

12:05 PM | 16-11-2018

Your body is indicating low hydration / excess heating due to increased stress, anxiety etc.  Balance your rest and activity. Take some me time off. De-activate occasionally.

Hydrate yourself through raw veg juices and very high intake of fruits.

Have only 1 or 2 cooked meals a day combined with lot of salad.

12:04 PM | 16-11-2018

Many times, an excessively increased amount of gadget time contributes to us getting dehydrated without we realizing it. For some time monitor your gadget time. Do not stay glued on all the time. If you have ample laptop exposure in office, ensure your phone time and TV time is low.  Allow your body some fresh sunshine and air, these are natural hydrants and coolants.

If having a very busy time in office, cool down every night with water baths. Light some aroma lamps, and give yourself some winding down time 30 minutes prior to sleep.

10:45 AM | 20-09-2018

Ur body is in acidic state if u r feeling thirsty. Cooked food, stress, lack of rest all contribute to this. U need to address where the issue lies. But definitely reduce cooked food and increase fruit, vegetable juice intake. When thirsty, chew dry fruits/fruits.

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