10:20 AM | 29-06-2019

Any natural way to remove wrinkles?

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4 Answers

08:19 PM | 29-06-2019

Wrinkles are caused due to excess heating and dehydrating foods in the diet primarily - like grains, dairy, meat, salt, sugar, processed foods etc. These reduce the elasticity of the skin causing wrinkles.

Have more raw foods instead particularly juicy fruits

Reduce stress

Make sure you get your 8 hours of beauty sleep everyday

Less  frowning and try finding simple joys in everyday life

09:57 AM | 01-07-2019

There are natural remedies to natural processes like application of aloe vera as it helps to remove wrinkles by addition of collagen to the skin and keeps the skin hydrated.

Banana masks could help a lot.
Adding superfoods in the diet like avocados, cinnamon, ginger, sweet potatoes,tomatoes and nuts.Add fruits and vegetables in your diet as Vitamin C, minerals like zinc are important.

A handheld facial massage can help to reduce it.

04:15 PM | 04-07-2019


Wrinkles are caused by thin, sagging skin.
Wrinkles occur as part of the natural aging process. Some people go to great lengths to avoid looking in the mirror when wrinkles start to multiply as they age. 

Drink More water and adapt to Natural life. 

Avoid using chemical soaps and cosmetics if any.

Use natural coconut oil home made soap for natural glow.

Regularly massaging olive oil onto the affected skin area will moisturize, repair and even regenerate skin cells. As the oil penetrates deep into the skin, it provides long-lasting protection and keeps it moisturized.

Soak some almonds in raw milk overnight. In the morning, remove the skin and grind the almonds into a thick paste. Apply the paste onto your skin, and even under your eyes to get rid of dark circles. Leave it on for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. For best results, do this daily.

Drink Carrot and beetroot juice regularly.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Get proper sleep and prefer to sleep on your back to prevent sleep lines that eventually turn into wrinkles.

Include more vitamin C rich foods such as orange, blueberries, grapefruit, pineapple, broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, and kale in your diet.


10:04 AM | 01-07-2019

MainNatural ways to remove wrinkles are :-

1. Eating fruits and raw vegetables as  70 % of the diet.

2. Avoid artificial sugar, bakery products and fast food.
Artifical Sugar damages skin more than anything.

3. Apply sunscreen of 30 SPF ; 30 min in advance  before going out .

4.Remove make up before sleeping and wash your face properly and apply vitamin E serum or any night cream .

5.Scrub the skin once in every 4 days .

6.Daily apply " lemon honey"  face mask .Honey is rich in anti-oxidants and helps in skin tightening .

7. Give 30 min to Facial exercises daily . 

8. Begin your day with " OIL PULLING " using extra virgin coconut oil . Start with 5 min and extend that to 20 min . It's a great exercise for facial muscles .

9. Stay stress free by Regular prayers.

 Stay Active Stay healthy ❤️

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