09:46 AM | 08-07-2019

What are some natural ways to cure nausea?

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5 Answers

06:16 AM | 09-07-2019

Nauseatic feeling is the most common and at the same time unpleasant one too but it can be combatted in various ways like:-

1)Ginger is the most common ingredient to cure nausea.

2) Peppermint aromatherapy works too.

3)Slice a lemon even the aroma as well as a little pinch of tasting can deduce the feeling of nausea.

4) Addition of spices like cinnamon,cumin extract as well as fennel powder can contribute well to the condition.

5) Additional points to be kept in mind are like in this weather avoid eating fatty foods otherwise it will add to your problem,Stay hydrated but avoid drinking while eating,avoid eating large meals but take short and frequent meals,stay upright after eating after meals,add protein in your diet, and last but not the least do exercise.

03:23 PM | 08-07-2019

Nausea why does it occurs? Due to:

Digestive disorder
Food poisoning
Morning sickness during pregnancy
Unpleasant taste and smell
Anxiety, fear and panic
Travel for long hours

How to prevent from Nausea:

Take 1 glass water
Squeeze ½ lemon into it
Add 1 tsp salt and drink


Take a small piece (1 inch) of raw ginger
Add 10-15 mint leaves
Crush them to paste
Press this paste on a sieve and extract its juice
Add 1 tsp lemon juice to the ginger and mint juice
Have the mixture 2 times a day

What to avoid:

Do not eat outside food, packed food or processed food. or Any cold drinks.
Avoid spicy, oily and junk food
Do not overeat
When travelling, carry a lemon with you. Smell it or drink few drops of raw juice.


03:24 PM | 08-07-2019


When there’s nausea it is usually good to let the body throw up that which it thinks is not right. The body knows very well if it wants to retain that particular food or not. The body can throw up even when there’s indigestion, too much of gas etc. so throw up, let your body relax and rest. Don’t eat anything after that unless you are genuinely hungry.

Still if you feel you need some assistance in controlling nauseating sensation, then here are some tips. See which one suits you best.

1 Keep a pinch of black pepper powder and pinch of Himalayan salt on your tongue and slowly slowly suck in the flavours.

2 Drink water with a couple of lemon drops in it.

3 You May suck on a raisin ( munakka dakh) dipped in a mixture of pepper and salt.

4 Drink a spoon of freshly ground corriander leaves juice.

5 Place a clove under your tongue and suck on the flavours slowly.

6 You May try drinking jaljeera water.

7 Make a lemonade with lemon pudina jaggery and a pinch of Himalayan salt.

8 Keep sucking on a quarter piece of fresh lemon with a pinch of salt.

Be happy be healthy 

Swati Dhariwal

Nature cure practitioner 


09:37 AM | 12-07-2019

Nausea is a symptom!
It is a reaction to the toxin accumulation/formation in the body to throw that out.

LET US SEE - "What is the cause?"

Is it triggered in the area of INPUTS or ACTIONS or THOUGHTS?

Check and correct the INPUTS of bad food, the Nausea will go off.
Check and correct the ACTIONS for any sudden/prolonged change in the motion of the body, the Nausea will go off.
Check and correct the THOUGHTS in levels of anxiety, frustration, depressions through consistent rational analysis, the Nausea will go away.

Thank you...

This response from PSYsolution is in line with the Pure Nature Cure (PNC).
In PNC, the remedies are never recommended.
In PNC, the causal analysis through VITALITY-EDUCATION is opted always.
To know more about PNC, you can study, in order, this series of 15 articles.


06:16 AM | 09-07-2019

Nausea is a natural response of the body to make you avoid the sight / smell of foods. We usually eat first with our eyes and nose and then the body moves ahead to eat it. So the gut has multiple such messaging systems to say food is going to come in. So when food is not needed, then gut also sends a response back to team up with ur sense organs to make the body avoid food. So its best to stay as far as possible from foods you dislike . It helps if you sip on warm lemon water / citrus at this time. Citrus Smells also helps to handle the symptom. If you feel like vomiting, it’s best to puke. In some conditions during the first trimester, the response is majorly covered for the reproductive system to be safe from contaminating itself from bad foods. So the mom has an aversion to all foods. However, studies say that raw fruits / raw food helps and does not cause nausea. 

Hope this clarifies. Basically citrus majorly helps to manage this condition. Carry citrus or lime essential oils and rub it to your hands and keep smelling if you can’t carry lemons 

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