08:05 AM | 27-05-2019

Hi… how can i keep the house mosquito free? Please suggest some natural ways. Any tips for protecting kids?

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7 Answers

11:08 AM | 16-11-2018

Use citronella at the entrances of the house. That's where they come from. When we enter the house, some mosquitos trail in. Otherwise all our windows have net. It's the open doors that is the biggest source. They enter during the day and hide in corners. You can also make small potlis of camphor and clove and leave them in corner (out of reach of children ). The camphor prevents them from hiding there.

11:17 AM | 16-11-2018

Keeping cloves inserted in half lemons at corners also help.  Applying coconut oil on skin helps. Also if you eat a lot of natural sugars from fruits and veggies, and regularly consume lemons, mosquitos will attack you less.

11:16 AM | 16-11-2018

I use pure lemon grass oils in electric diffusers. I realized if I have to rid my house of goodKnight, then investing in electric oil diffusers make sense! You can use Manjari , Pure Himalayan Organic, Lemongrass Oil.

Use as in Diffusers & Mopping (pocha ).This not only keeps insects away but is non toxic and very effective to keep mosquitoes away.

11:14 AM | 16-11-2018

For the mosquito bite protection for kids... I do the following for my 3 year old.

Dress him in full sleeves and full pajamas when sending to park ...investing in fab India cotton kurtas seemed like a good thing to do esp for summer. I do put a patch - but I think that was more for my own mental satisfaction than actual effect.  Regarding creams and lotions - I refrain from putting any ...however during peak mosquito season I did (again for my own satisfaction) -- I dont use odomos ...ordered baby bug from Just B Au naturel and Natuur ... I have used their chemical free products so felt could use it for lil one -- but ofcourse these need reapplying in a few hours.

At home ...have always used a mosquito net for sleeping -- I am from Assam ...so this was a natural thing to pick again as all my childhood we have done this! I try and air the house a lot through natural sunshine / air circulation -- keep rearranging storage areas which is where mosquitoes will want to live .... I try n not use goodknight...prefer citronella aroma ..

But most importantly... I feed a lot of fruits to him especially during summers ... as your body sugar levels are maintained through fruits (less artificial sugar) mosquitoes will trouble u less -- has been true in my case... so fruits for baby too :)

I am also a great fan of coconut oil on skin (and no other creams)... Coconut oil with neem oil helps...though havent tried that yet (but the baby bug creams I ordered do have similar combinations)

11:11 AM | 16-11-2018

Hi in our case, we use mosquito net at night for sure. We let fresh clean air into the room in morning. And then close the room doors in evening.

Ofcourse, killing with the Chinese rackets is a daily activity especially outside home as evening falls.  I have noticed the rooms that are upstairs have lesser mosquitoes, and the ones which are on ground floor have more.

Mosquitoes love dark places, will hide in shoes, So make sure, each such corner is being cleaned everyday (and where possible the mosquitoes are killed with the racket).

Keeping little balls of camphor and clove in corner also helps.

11:20 AM | 15-11-2018

The cases of Dengue  and Chikungunya are so rampant in the city it is alarming. Use Citronella/Lemon Grass  Oil in your wet mop water and in diffusers. It keeps the mosquitoes away. Avoid toxic chemical creams that are available in the market. Increase your intake of lemon &  ginger and have plenty of mousambi (sweet lime ) and apples. Keep your body alkaline. .Stay safe..Stay Healthy everyone.

12:47 PM | 04-09-2018

The body is able to repel mosquitoes when its blood is clean. When acid in blood is high, it attracts mosquitoes.  So ensure you are having a lot of fruits, veg, veg juices. Reduce intake of refined sugar

Essential oils like lemon grass, tea tree and citronella also help in repelling them. Use in your bath water and in the mop water for the house. Or use in an aroma burner. This should keep them away.

If there is a lot of them, using a pure resin based dhoop is also very effective

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